HOD's Desk

I have the privilege of heading a team of dedicated and competent faculty who are experts in their own right. The students of our Department have been provided an exciting and supportive environment for learning. They are exposed to the latest developments in science and technology and also have opportunities to visit premier laboratories in the country, based on their merit. Our Alumni have entered various walks of life as software professionals, researchers of international repute, University professors, entrepreneurs and so on. The list is long as it is diverse. This speaks of the success of our department in producing students capable of engaging in lifelong learning and adapting to change. Future generations of our students are welcome here to discover their potential and develop the knowledge and skills necessary to stay ahead in the world of change that we live in.

Dr.Murugavel S C. , Associate Professor & Head

PSG College of Technology has been serving the society since 1951 by offering quality technical education of the highest order. The founder and principal of the PSG College of Technology, Dr.G.R.Damodaran, a philanthropist and visionary, realized the need to initiate science courses to compliment the engineering programmes and laid the foundation for several science courses like B.Sc Applied Science in the 1970's. Further, research oriented courses like M.Phil, PhD was also been offered in PSG College of Technology. These courses have been successful not only in producing learned professionals but in effectively augmenting the research and development activities in the institution.


The Vision of the Department of Applied Science is to establish and maintain itself as a premier educational and research department by developing human resources and scientific knowledge that are capable of making significant contributions to society


The mission of the Department of Applied Science is to produce graduates who will specialize in one of the basic sciences namely Physics, Chemistry or Mathematics and computer programming, acquire enough working knowledge of the other ancillary sciences and have an exposure to engineering practices and research methodologies in order to engage in life-long learning and thereby make themselves versatile practitioners or researchers in their chosen fields.

  • Dr.Shashidharan Nair C K 2015 - 2018
  • Dr.S.Jayakumar 2014 - 2015