Welcome to GRD Memorial Library

        The Central Library of PSG College of Technology is named after Dr.G.R.Damodaran, The Founder Principal, Director, Dean of PG Studies and the Vice-Chancellor of Madras University.

Genesis and Growth:   

        The Library came into being with the establishment of PSG Polytechnic College in the year 1926 and further expanded with the genesis of PSG College of Technology in the year 1956.

        With the recurring grants from the , Generous Management contribution and by the special interest taken by Dr.G.R.Damodaran, the Library is built up and is being equipped steadily and systematically.

         The library currently holds resources nearly to 2 lakhs.

Mission of the Library:

        Our  Mission  is to improve the knowledge of the  users  by effectively  utilizing the timely updated resources  through  the innovations  of  the  Information Technology  and  to  facilitate customer satisfaction through high quality service.