Book Issue Categories
        >> Normal 15 days Issue
        >> Special Issue
        >> Overnight Issue
        >> Semester Issue
        >> Vacation Issue
        >> Project Issue

     Book Eligibility
        >> UG / Diploma - 6 Books
        >> PG - 7 Books
        >> Staff- 9 Books


         The Bibliographical information of the library are made available through OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue). The basic searches like Author, Title, Author and Title, keyword, publisher etc are introduced. This can be accessed through the URL: http://opac.psgtech/

 CAS / SDI Service
          >> Library Publications
               >>> E-News Bulletin
               >>> Library Bulletin - Monthly
          >> Reference Service
          >> Referral Service
          >> Reprographic Services - Reprographic facility is available in the reference section. Copier machines, printers, scanners are available.
Working hours:  Week Days : 09.00 am to 9.00 pm & Sundays / Holidays : 09.00 am to 1.00 pm

          >> Book Ordering Service
Book Bank - Book Bank consist 13,519 books. SC/ST Student members of this library are eligible to borrow books from the Book Bank.
                Borrowing Eligibility : 6 Books
                Lending duration : One semester
                Working days : Wednesday, Thursday & Friday
                Timings : 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

  >> Library orientation to freshers
         >> Earn-While-Learn Programme - Students willing to serve the library can register their names with Librarian. Students can work at their flexible time during library hours. Remuneration is on hour basis. Registration form is available in the Library office. 
          >> Library Graduate Training Programme
         >> Internet Service - 53 Computers with high bandwidth internet connection are made available in the digital library section. Members can access all the free and subscribed online resources.
Working hours: Week Days : 8.30 am to 9.00 pm &  Sundays / Holidays : 8.30 am to 1.00 pm
          >> Inter Library Loan
Multimedia Facility -  Members can avail the audio visual facility in the Science Library section. The Audio visual section consists of more than 8,000 CDs, Audio Cassettes, Computer with multimedia facility, DVD player and TV set.
          >> Back Volume Section - Old issues of journals are bound every year and kept in the back volume section. The section is having more than 28,000 bound volumes.

Other Institutional Membership
          >> DeLNET (Developing Library Network) - Inter Library Loan / Document Delivery Service is being rendered by the DELNET (Developing Library Network). Members can avail this service to obtain particular Journal Article / Books, if it is not available in our library.
          >> British Council Library - GRD Memorial Library is a Institutional Member of British Council Library, Chennai.
            Key Features:
            Books Borrowing:
            Membership ID Cards are available in the library for accessing the British Council Library and Borrowing books
            Online Access:
    As a member, we have 10 login IDs that can be used by our members. At any given time 10 members can use the online resources available at the through which we get remote access to,
Books – read the latest book reviews, find out about the latest additions to the collection, and browse the top ten listings.
            >>> Music – access samples of some of the hottest new music emerging from the UK in British Council Library music section streamed direct to your desktop.
            >>> Event Listings – find out what’s on and register online.
            >>> English – improve your English Language skills in a fun and interactive way through selection of online games or take up an online English course.
            >>> Customer services - renew books, suggest a book for the collection or get in touch with British Council Library customer service team.