“Internet of Things (IoT) based Smart Water Supply and Distribution

For Coimbatore City”

Area of Implementation: Cheran Nagar, Koundampalayam, Coimbatore

The project aims to enhance the water supply and distribution through IoT based automation which is sanctioned under Department of Science and Technology (Ministry of Science & Technology) and CCMC (Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation) as end user. The Coimbatore Corporation allotted Cheran Nagar as pilot area for this project consists of more than 800 water line connection supplied from 6 lakh litre capacity water tank.

          The project involves implementation of water distribution system from Cheran Nagar ELSR containing 6 Lakh Litres through proposed DMA system for Remote Monitoring and Control. The main feeder connected to DMA for maintaining the adequate Pressure to Sub-DMA Cum Zone boxes based on the up-stream and down-stream pressure sensor cum transmitter. Each Sub-DMA Cum Zone Boxes consists of 10 to 50 pipeline connections with Smart Water Meter for measuring end user consumption and maintaining adequate pressure so that water reaches each house irrespective of the ground elevation.

             The length of each pipeline will be varied based on the distance between the Sub-DMA Cum Zone Box and end user. Both DMA and Sub-DMA cum Zone Box is to beenclosed with metal sheet box for protection and powered by Solar PV Panel mounted in thecomposite pole with pre-caste concrete foundation. All the controllers are interlinked using GPRS/GSM module for transmission of information to and from the Control Room. The data is monitored continuously from each DMA and Sub-DMA Cum Zone Boxes including ELSR water level, outlet flow control, flow rate & flow quantity monitoring, down-stream pressure monitoring, Pipeline Control Valve status, Service personnel panel opening alert, active leaks detection and water quality measurement like pH, Chlorine, TDS etc. All the information from DMA’s and Sub-DMA’s Cum Zone Box communicated to Cloud technology (IoT) and analyse through a user friendly Software Interface. The implemented system shall be maintained and provide three-year service after installation.

*Refer-Annexure-1 to 4 for individual component specification.