PSG College ofTechnology is pleased to announce that the collaboration of our Grid and Cloud Computing Cell with Xurmo Technologies Pvt. Ltd. since January2011. The collaborative project on "Finding semantic similarity between wikipedia articles using keyword co-occurrence graphs has resulted in a novel method to solve this issue. We are happy to announce that this research by the coordinators, Dr R Venkatesan and Dr G Sudha Sadasivam and their students is now in the process of being prepared for publishing in a reputed journal.

Xurmo Technologies which has offices in United States and India, develops a variety of enterprise search, knowledge management, insight generation and predictive analytics applications using semantic technology, artificial intelligence, data-intensive computing, natural language processing,information retrieval, Language modelling, Domain Specific Language based modelling and machine learning technologies under their brand TURF Insight. TURF Insight understands users questions, hypothesizes the intent behind the question, locates others (and documents) in the organization that know the answer and connects users to them. TURF Insight also learns about the company from existing information and user interactions and thus become a catch-all for all information generated in the company.

By allowing easy and efficient access to information assets (people and documents) TURF Insight claims to ensure efficient information reuse. Our research and collaboration will go to great lengths to improve their existing algorithms in the semantic search area. We are happy to be associated with a company that develops such cutting edge technology and is founded by academicians and scientists from the Indian Institutes of Technology, IIT Madras, IIT Kanpur, IIT Bombay and Carnegie Mellon University. We are sure that our relationship will improve into greater collaboration for mutual benefit in the times to come

Signing Research Agreement PSGCT-XURMO

Right to left : Dr R Rudramoorthy, Principal, Mr Sridhar Gopalakrishnan, CEO, Xurmo, Dr R Venkatesan, HoD, CSE department.