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PSG Centre for Non-formal & Continuing Education (PSG CNCE) was established in the year 1989.

The main function of the centre is to plan and disseminate latest explosion of knowledge and developments in various fields of Science and Technology for the benefit of executives and other  working professionals in various business and industrial organizations, faculty and student community of educational institutions and public at large by organizing regular well planned and job oriented part-time and full-time short duration programmes.

The continuing education programmes are essential and beneficial to update the knowledge of the employed personnel who have graduated long time back. Most of the times, the curricula of various formal educational programmes in the schools, colleges and universities do not cover the latest developments in the concerned fields of study and specialization and hence such well designed short term programmes are much more essential for regular students to get prepared for their employment.

The Centre performs continuous study of latest developments and identifies the areas which will be useful to students / public and job oriented. It establishes rapport with various industries / organizations to identify the areas of their interest.  The selected coordinators of the programmes plan and execute them meticulously involving external experts wherever necessary.



Dr. A. Kandaswamy
Dean / Admissions Counsellor
PSG Centre for Non Formal and Continuing Education
A Block, PSG College of Technology
Office No:  0422-4344448,4344136, 4344777

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