NAAC 2018 - 2019


Research Innovation Extension-Policy for Promotion on Research

Promotion of Research
The research policy of PSG College of Technology aims to create and support a research culture among its Teachers and students and leverage it for enriching and enhancing the professional competence of the faculty members. It also promotes the scientific temper and research attitudes of all learners leading to the realization of the Vision and Mission of the college. It also aims to ensure that the research and development activities of the college conform to all applicable rules and regulation as well as to the established standards and norms relating to safe and ethical conduct of research.
Having achieved a reputation as an excellent academic institute, there has been a paradigm shift to achieve excellence in research. As a measure to create a forum to discuss emerging research trends in various domains of engineering and to promote interdisciplinary research, Research Council has been established at institute level. The constitution of research council is

  • Principal & Chairman
  • Dean IR&D,CSRC
  • Dean, Administration
  • Dean, Academics
  • Dean, Autonomous Functioning
  • Dean, Computing and Networking
  • Dean, Placement and Training
  • Dean, Students Affairs
  • Controller of Examinations
  • Research Coordinator
  • Heads of  Departments and Programme Coordinators from every department

The Research Council meets twice in an year to discuss on the research plans of individual departments, research electives/research related one credit courses to be introduced, additional research facilities to be established and multidisciplinary research that could be taken up.
A team of Visiting Professors and experts from India and abroad serve as R&D advisors and advise the faculty on the nascent fields of research and also keep updating on the new proposals that are invited by different funding agencies.
Faculty members are encouraged to get engaged in industrial consultancy and research. PSG college of Technology financially supports faculty in filing patents for their innovative ideas. Few commercially successful technology transfers were also made.
With the research potential of the Faculty, their publications in journals of repute, Conferences conducted, Funded Projects and patents earned by them etc. PSG College of Technology have established itself as a recognized Research Centre of Anna University for doing independent research leading to M.S or Ph.D. degrees. More than 600 research students are currently working full-time or part-time for their Ph.D degrees.
In order to inculcate research in the minds of students, a Student Research Council (SRC) is established with an objective of using the knowledge gained by students through their course and the unconventional thinking in creating innovations. Students are motivated to implement their conceived idea through appropriate funding.
PSG Centre for Sponsored Research and Consultancy (PSG-CSRC) was established in 1989 in order to foster industrial consultancy and research. Consultancy work and testing of materials / products are being done for several Government and private industries and organizations by all the departments of the college through the centre.
The PSG-Science & Technology Entrepreneurial Park (PSG-STEP) was established in the year 1998 with the support from Department of Science & Technology, Government of India, IDBI and ICICI at PSG College of Technology to promote technology based enterprises in the areas of software, electronic products, hi-tech mechanical products, and eco-friendly textile products & bio-technology using the core strengths of PSG College of Technology. Incubation centre is available to accommodate 45 startup at one point of time and so far, have assisted more than 130 start-ups.

PSG - Industry-Institute Partnership Cell (PSG-IIPC) serves as a liaison between our institution and industries that willing to collaborate in addressing the challenges in the thrust areas of research. Faculty members guide the students during their internship in industry to solve specific industrial problems.
PSG - Industrial Research and Development (PSG-IR&D) centre has a mission of bringing Industry and Institution together by providing technical R&D services to the industries. Full time engineers guided by the faculty do the R&D service to industry.
There are about 43 Centres of Excellences at PSG College of Technology in collaboration with industry of repute spanning over a wider spectrum covering almost all the domain in Engineering.

The following is the list of CoE at PSG College of Technology:

  • PSG - NI Virtual Instrumentation Centre
  • PSG - Festo centre for Pneumatic & Control Engineering
  • PSG – Siemens Centre of Excellence in Automation
  • PSG  - LAPP Centre for excellence in Cable Technology
  • PSG – Heidenhain CNC Centre
  • PSG – Lectra Apprael CAD Centre
  • PSG – SIRUBA-MEHALA Apparel Machinery & Equipments Centre
  • PSG – ELMAQ ERP Training Centre
  • PSG – Cognizant Open source Software Centre
  • PSG – Juniper Centre of Excellence in Networking
  • PSG – Flowmeric design Lab
  • PSG – Freescale Embedded Systems Lab
  • Karivardhan centre of Excellence in Automobile engineering
  • PSG – Adept Centre for Robotics
  • PSG – Ranal Centre for Software Testing
  • PSG – Ashok Leyland Automotive Research Centre
  • PSG – Techtronics Centre for Excellence in Robotics
  • PSG – IBM Centre for Excellence in Operating Systems
  • PSG – Cypress – PSoC Design Centre
  • PSG – Siemens PLM Training Centre
  • PSG – Exilant Textile ERP Centre
  • TIFAC – CORE in Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing
  • PSG – Yuken Hydraulic Automation centre
  • PSG – Rockwell Centre for Excellence in Industrial Automation
  • PSG – L&T Centre for Excellence in Low Voltage Switchgears
  • PSG – Premier Textile Technology Centre
  • PSG – ASSYST BULLMER – MEHALA Fashion Studio
  • PSG – Kawabata Centre for Fabrics
  • PSG – Infineon Embedded Systems Centre
  • PSG – Agilent Centre for Advanced RF Design
  • PSG – TCS Centre of Excellence in Software Engineering
  • PSG – Intel Multi Core Lab
  • PSG – DRDO LSRB Wireless Telemetry Lab
  • PSG – Fanuc Centre for Advanced CNC and Robotics
  • PSG – Eplan Centre for Electrical CAD
  • PSG – Rane Automotive Test Centre
  • PSG – DANFOSS Centre of Excellence for Energy & Climate Change
  • PSG – Supra SAE Lab
  • PSG – Juniper Networking Lab
  • National MEMS Design centre         
  • PSG – SIMA Textile Technical Training Institute
  • PSG – Welding Research Centre

Other basic facilities available for research are

  • High speed internet facility with a bandwidth of 380 Mbps.
  • Library with a collection 1,87,874 book volume  covering the book titles of about 1,23,997 and 2438 journal subscriptions.
  • Updated computing facility (including high speed computing facility) with good support system. Licensed software’s are available for research use.
  • High quality machining facility and rapid prototyping facility are available.
  • 24 hours power supply with the provision of a generator backup of 2010 kVA, 560 kVA UPS backup