NAAC 2018 - 2019


Revenue sharing between the institution and the individual

Policy for revenue sharing between the Institution and the Individuals related to consultancy projects

Product development and Consultancy work are carried out by Faculty and students. Most of our faculty members are involved in interacting with Industries in the following areas.
1) Testing and Consultancy
2) Energy Audit and Leakage Audit
3) Calibration of Testing and Measuring Instruments
4) Development of Products
5) Development of IoT based devices
6) Process improvement
7) Modeling and Simulation of systems
8) Software Development

The revenue generated is shared between the institution and the individual(s) as follows:

S No

Consultancy Work

Amount given to faculty
as a % of Consultancy bill   


Carrying out the consultancy work inside  the campus

40 %


Carrying out the consultancy work outside  the campus

50 %


Testing and Consultancy

40 %


Products Developed by Students

10 %