NAAC 2018 - 2019


Perspective/Strategic Plan of PSG College of Technology

The Strategic Plan seeks to leverage the strengths that PSG College of Technology has
developed over the decades and to build upon them and acquire or develop new strengths. In
particular, the Strategic Plan proposes to nurture the large groups of faculty working on
transformational technologies that have the potential to address the societal challenges faced in
India today-specifically in areas such as water, energy, healthcare, education, housing and
waste management etc..
Strategic Plan identifies the following broad targets:
 Become a leading technological university, ranked in the global top 100 in all disciplines
 Become known globally for transformational technologies that impact lives of people
 Incubate successful start-ups creating innovative products and business models using the
knowledge and technologies developed by the Institute
 Provide an invigorating work environment for faculty and staff
 Be a model university campus in terms of sustainability, usage of energy and water and
recycling of materials
 Be an institute that is sought for international collaborations leading to exchange of
students and faculty and joint degree programmes
 Intensify the involvement of alumni in all aspects of the Institute's
development—interacting with students, mentoring incubatees, contributing resources
towards enhancing the facilities and quality of education, collaborating with faculty
members in research and development.
The team consisting of Principal, Deans, Heads of Departments and Programme
Coordinators was the prime body that develops drives and deploys the policy. To facilitate better
planning and implementation, an Internal Quality Circle (IQC) is formulated with Senior
Administrative Officers and Teachers.

The IQC meets periodically to discuss and proposes
plans/measures for strengthening the following aspects:
1. Curricular Aspects
2. Teaching-Learning and Evaluation
3. Research, Innovations and Extension
4. Infrastructure and Learning Resources
5. Student Support and Progression
6. Governance, Leadership and Management
7. Institutional Values and Best Practices
The conclusions arrived at IQC meeting is taken to Quality Policy Forum (QPF) where each
proposed measure is carefully reviewed and policies are formulated. The policies are approved
by the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) which then uses ISO as a tool to develop the
action plan for the policy framed, implement and monitor the same. The feedback is
communicated back to the IQC to ensure the closed loop functioning