National Assessment and Accreditation Council
  • National Assessment and Accreditation Council



Metric ID KEY INDICATOR - 1.1 Curriculum Design and Development Download
1.1.2 Percentage of programs where syllabus revision was carried out during the last five years
1.1.3 Average percentage of courses having focus on Employability/ Entrepreneurship/ Skill development during the last five years
Metric ID KEY INDICATOR - 1.2 Academic Flexibility Download
1.2.1 Percentage of new Courses introduced out of the total number of courses across all Programs
1.2.2 Percentage of programs in which Choice Based Credit System (CBCS)/Elective course system has been implemented
Metric ID KEY INDICATOR - 1.3 Curriculum Enrichment Download
1.3.2 Number of value-added courses imparting transferable and life skills offered during the last five years
1.3.4 Percentage of students undertaking field projects / internships
Metric ID KEY INDICATOR - 1.4 Feedback System Download
1.4.1 1.4.1 Structured feedback received from 1) Students, 2) Teachers, 3) Employers, 4) Alumni 5) Parents for design and review of syllabus Semester wise /year-wise
1.4.2 Feedback processes of the institution