PSG College of Technology Research Wing Welcomes you !

Director’s Message

"The Metals Testing and Research Centre will serve as a pioneering institution in bringing an increases awareness regarding quality, reliability and efficiency in the metallurgical industries located in and around Coimbatore by providing excellent testing, consultancy, and research in the areas of materials and their processing"


This centre, a part of Metallurgical Engineering Department, a comprehensive set-up at PSG Tech campus having the main objectives viz,

• Testing and characterization of metallic materials
• Development of new systems and composites
• Development of newer techniques of processing
• Fracture and failure investigations of metallic systems
• Solving technical problems
• Helping industries to substantially raise their profits by

Improving product quality
Increasing productivity
Reducing rejection rates

The centre aims to improve the global prospects of the industries as well as significantly improve metallurgical education and research in this region.

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