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One year full time PG Certificate programme in Welding and Quality Engineering
Smart Grid Data Analysis Challenge 2018
One year certification programme in Data Science
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PSG CNCE:List of One Year Certificate Programs
List of courses offered by Robotics
One Year Certificate Programme on Automobile Maintenance and Servicing
One Year Certificate course - Embedded System Design and Internet of Things
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Training and consulting services for Industry and academia
Advertisement for Procurement of Equipments under TEQIP III
List of Training programmes offered by Automobile Engineering through CNCE
List of Training programmes offered by PSG Janatics Centre for Pneumatics and Automation
Steel Academics, Research &Consultancy Center (SARCC)
Internship programme on Automotive Engineering
Hands on Training in Coordinate Measuring Machinine(CMM)and Dimentional Metrology
GRD CMR - Summer Research Internship programme 2017
TEQIP III Sponsored National Conference on Advances in Manufacturing and Metrology
Short Term course on Industrial Robots programming and operations[Sep 26-28 2018]
Two days National Workshop on Machine Learning and Industrial Applications [Sep 28-29 2018]
Workshop on Signal and Image Processing on Zynq-7000 SoC using Xilinx Vivado Tools[Sep 27-28 2018]
SERB sponsored Seminar on Composite Materials for General Engineering, Armour and Aerospace Applications[Sep 28-29 2018]
National Level Workshop on Factory Automation using Programmable Logic Controller[Sep 28-29 2018]
National workshop on Crafts of India - Series I Gond Painting [Oct 12 2018]
Two days National workshop on 5G Technology and its Applications [Oct 12-13 2018]
Two days National workshop on Augmented Reality [Oct 12-13 2018]
One day workshop cum Hands-on Training on Rapid Manufacturing Processes [Oct 13 2018]
One Day Workshop on Coordinate Metrology [Oct 13 2018]
One Day Workshop on Blockchain Technology [Oct 13 2018]
TEQIP III FDP on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning : Research and Applications perspectives[Oct 22-28 2018] >Programme Schedule > Selected Participants list
One Day Workshop on Machine Vision System and Metrology[Nov 10 2018]
Two Day Conference on Graphene & Analogous 2D Nanostructures [Dec 13-14 2018]
Second International Conference on Advancements in Automation, Robotics & Sensing [Dec 13-15 2018]
One Day Workshop on Coordinate Metrology [Dec 18 2018]
International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Smart Grid and Smart City Applications [Jan 3-5 2019]