1. Students should be in their seats in the respective classes before the teacher enters the class.

2. Anybody who is not present in the class when the attendance is taken will be Marked absent.

3. For College of Technology: Attendance will be calculated on hourly basis.

4. Calling students from the class room/laboratory during lecture hours / practical’s except with the permission slip from the head of the department concerned is prohibited.

5. Students have to apply for ordinary leave in advance through online using students.PSG Tech and submit their leave letter to their tutor for approval of the same.

6. Hostel students should have their leave applications endorsed by the Deputy Warden attached to the hostel.

7. Leave applications of Day scholars should bear the signature of the Parent or guardian.

8. Students have to apply for Medical Leave online within 5 days after the last date of medical leave and submit the Medical certificate to the tutor for approval for the same

9. Exception forms shall be signed by the concerned HoD /staff Advisor/Physical
Director/Concerned faculty in-charge and to be submitted to tutor for approval within 5 days after attending the campus.Exemptionalso have to be applied on line by the respective student

10. NCC on-duty forms will be signed by the concerned NCC officer and the same is to be submitted to Academic section (A206) in advance/within 5 days after attending the camps.

11. Prescribed minimum attendance as indicated below should be maintained by each student.

College of Technology

(i) All students under Anna university, Coimbatore shall maintain overall attendance not less than 75% of the total number of working hours of the concerned semester and in individual subjects not less that 60% in the total number of working hours of
that subject.

  • Contribute for general cleanliness of the campus

  • Take care of mental health and physical health

  • Allow mind to recall your success,  potential demanded and  the amount of effort you have contributed

  • On day to day, weekly, monthly basis assess your contribution towards the goal / target

  • Every day morning spend atleast five minutes for planning for that day activities

  • Use cellular phone only for essential purpose with minimum time

  • Do not keep costly items and Do not wander around the campus

  • Do not ignore the experience gained from negative thought / result and Never allow mind to fade from success

  • All Notes/ Books/calculator should have your name and class and use library effectively

  • Follow  ethical practices and given guidelines

  • Do maintain a strong CGPA and Get involved in student union, NCC / NSS  or Community service activities

  • Celebrations of parties inside and outside the campus are strictly prohibited. Keep yourself away from them and Come always with formal and decent dress