About Us

ECE Association

ECE Association is a platform exclusively for the students of Electronics and Communication Engineering Department which encourages the students in improving oneself both academically, socially and renders utmost support in ensuring students success. We organize various technical and non-technical events, workshops and seminars for our students throughout the year and their astounding talents are greatly appreciated.


More About Us

ECE Association encourages the students of the ECE department to manifest their talents in the challenging areas of Electronics and Communication. The Association furnishes the students with technical knowledge, creativity, and soft skills that make them inimitable engineers. It also aims to develop technically competent engineers in electronics and telecommunication domains by organizing various activities, workshops, and events that brace the students to go great guns in their careers.

To organize and coordinate all these activities, the Association consists of an elite crew of passionate office bearers and team members, who in addition to being students; they help the Association to execute its roles in an efficacious manner. The members of the ECE Association are resolutely superintended by the faculty advisor in enduring the thriving role.