You must have probably heard it before you saw it, that unmistakable whine of what must be a giant mosquito. UAV drone technology is constantly evolving as every few months there are new innovation and big investments that are bringing more advanced drones to the market.

As the algorithms determining flight stability and control have become more sophisticated, these miniature aircraft have become cheaper and more accessible.

Drones Helping In Fight Against Covid-19

In the battle against covid-19, the usage of drones has rapidly increased. Around the world, drones are being deployed to limit physical contact and carry out multiple tasks in this time crises.

They deliver medical supplies to vulnerable and isolated individuals and communities in various countries. In China and India, drones are used to disinfect public spaces. From stations, supermarkets to small courtyards where there is a need, MMC drones are used to spray disinfectant in public places. Compared to traditional way, using drones can avoid direct contact especially in those places requiring regular disinfection.

However, government agencies aren't the only ones to tap into technology in these tough times, media organizations are also using drones to show people the impact of the world's biggest lockdown. The drones are capable of uninterrupted patrols in 360 degrees to observe the ground condition through 40x zoom cameras. Crowds and those who don’t wear masks in public places are found and dispersed through onboard megaphones.

The quadcopters — drones with four rotors — designed by the force are equipped with disinfectant sprays that can sanitize larger areas exposed to contamination in a short time. The quadcopter can carry five liters of disinfectant at one time and with a spray height of 10 meters, it can cover an area the size of a football field in about five minutes. The drone is currently undergoing trials at the 505 Army Base Workshops in Delhi.

Lego Robot

Lego Robot

Future Of Drones

“If there is a distinctive path that modern technological change has followed, it is that technology goes where it has never been,” Langdon Winner, a political scientist, wrote in 1980. The development of drones, surely enough, has followed this progression.

It is obvious that drone technology is an important part of the future. Drones have a wide range of applications and because of their versatility, they have been rapidly integrating with our daily lives. It is only a matter of time until drones will be a necessary tool to enhance our lives.

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