Global Conference On Decarbonizing India 2023

15-16 DEC 2023
LE Meridien & PSG College of Technology,Coimbatore

About This Conference

India is emitting 2.9 GtCO e (4.9% of global emissions) annually as the third largest emitter with 1.8 tons CO e per capita emission. As the Indian economy is growing, it has to carefully plan and execute its economic growth while achieving its decarbonizing goals
Power, automotive, aviation, steel, cement and agriculture are the major sectors contributing to around 70% of India's overall emissions. It is to be expected that India could get to its net-zero-by-2070 commitment through technology developments over the next decades.

As per the recent (2022) McKinsey report, over three-fourths of the industry in the India of 2050 (and 80+ percent of the India of 2070) are yet to be built. If policies are set in place to create the right demand signals within this decade, then the capacities India adds in the two decades thereafter will be low carbon ones. India may need an estimated US$7.2 trillion of green investments until 2050 to decarbonise.

GCDI 2023

About PSG College Of Technology

PSG College OF Technology, is a Govt. Aided, Autonomous, Affiliated to Anna University and ISO 9001:2015 certified Institution. This is one of the foremost institutions founded by the PSG & Sons' Charities Trust (1926). The College was established in the year 1951 and the Founders wisely decided to locate it in the same campus as the PSG Industrial Institute for effective industry-institute interaction.

PSG College of Technology, under the guidance of illustrious Managing Trustees Sri G R Govindarajulu, Dr G R Damodaran, Sri G Varadaraj, Sri G R Karthikeyan, Sri V. Rajan, Sri G. Rangaswamy and presently under Sri L Gopalakrishnan, all with foresight and far reaching vision, has been in the forefront of innovation in technical education.


The PSG Center for Academic Research and Excellence was founded in October, 2015 by the PSG & Sons Charities Trust with a mission to promote teaching excellence in all the colleges under the Trust. Toward this end, CARE will encourage the use of learner-centric pedagogical practices that facilitate effective learning and will foster dialogue and reflection on effective teaching through workshops, seminars, one-to-one consultation and other activities.

About ISSE

The Indian Society of Systems for Science and Engineering (ISSE) is a professional organization dedicated to promoting and advancing the field of systems science and engineering in India. By fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and knowledge exchange, ISSE aims to address complex real-world problems and enhance problem-solving approaches.

Publications are a crucial part of ISSE's efforts to disseminate knowledge and promote innovative ideas. The society publishes journals and technical reports that highlight cutting-edge research and practical applications of systems science and engineering. These publications contribute to the advancement of the field and serve as valuable resources for both academics and practitioners.

About AICE

Australia India Centre for Energy (AICE) AICE is a virtual centre to enable deep collaboration between Australia and India in the domain of energy through transformative research, technology development and transition with universities, research institutes and industry as members. The centre will play a pivotal role in the transition efforts made by India and Australia, supporting the two nations with cutting edge research and capacity building outputs on new and renewable energy technologies. PSG College of Technology is a collaborating partner and leads initiative on CO2 Power Cycle and H2 as an alternative fuel.

The following are the partners from Australia , The University of Queensland, Brisbane, The Australian National University, University of South Australia, The University of New South Wales, University of Sydney, The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). The following are the partners in India, PSG College of Technology, Indian Institute of Technology Ropar, Indian Institute of Technology Indore, CSIR-Indian Institute of Petroleum, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) and TERI school of Advanced Studies (TERI-SAS), Vellore Institute of Technology, Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE).

GCDI 2023

Call For Paper

Participants from academia, R & D organizations and industries are invited to submit original and unpublished full research papers on the following topics, but not limited to:

Instruction for Author's

Original research articles broadly within the scope of the conference topics, written in English language, are solicited. The page limit for extended abstract is 4-pages.The paper submission template for word Download here

Energy Efficient Design of Power Plant System
Sola System For Power Design
OffShore Wind Generation
Energy Storage Systems
Pumped Storage Power plaint
Smart Grids, Decentralised power grids
Carbon Tax
Emission Trading Systems
Rooftop Solar PV Systems
Carbon Capture Technologies
Reducing emission intensity of steel and cement production
Cost of CO2 abatement
Energy Efficiency of Steel and cement plants
Energy recovery systems and technologies
Use of green hydrogen as fuel, Gas recycling
Blast furnace and smelting reduction
Production of composite cement using Slag and Fly Ash.
Carbon capture technologies
Switching to lower carbon fuels and fuel mix
Improving Vehicle efficiency
Electrical Vehicles and Renewable Energy
Battery Charging Public Transport Systems
Water transport systems
Bio energy from agriculture waste
Solar Energy pumps and devices
Micro irrigation and Automation
Farm equipments and performance
Energy transition in the process of reducing GHG emissions to Net 0
Products to store carbon
Transition from linear to circular economy: Batteries
Battery recommissioning and disassembly processes
Electrical vehicles and wind power systems
Novel solvant systems to recover CRMS from waste
New green technologies for hydrogen production
Hydrogen as an alternative fuel
Redesign of systems for hydrogen fuel
Economics and efficiency

Conference Agenda

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Conference Speakers

We are thrilled to introduce speakers for the Global Conference on Decarbonizing India 2023, with many more to be announced soon. Stay tuned for further updates!


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Frequently Asked Questions

The Global Conference on Decarbonizing India 2023 is an international conference focused on addressing the challenges and finding solutions to achieve decarbonization in India. It brings together experts, policymakers, industry leaders, and researchers to discuss and share knowledge on sustainable practices, clean energy technologies, and policy frameworks to mitigate carbon emissions in various sectors.
The conference is open to a wide range of participants, including policymakers, government representatives, industry professionals, researchers, academics, and individuals interested in decarbonization and sustainable development in India. Participation may require registration or invitation, depending on the conference's guidelines.
The conference will likely cover various topics related to decarbonization efforts in India. These may include renewable energy deployment, energy efficiency measures, clean transportation solutions, sustainable urban planning, circular economy practices, climate finance, policy frameworks, and international collaborations. The exact themes and topics will be outlined in the conference agenda.
To get involved or contribute to the conference, you can explore different avenues. If you are a researcher or professional, you can submit papers, presentations, or proposals related to decarbonization in India for consideration. Additionally, you can participate as an attendee and engage in discussions, workshops, and networking opportunities during the conference. To stay informed, it is advisable to monitor the official conference website or subscribe to relevant newsletters and announcements for updates on participation opportunities.
To stay updated on the latest information about the conference, you can regularly visit the official conference website for announcements, agenda updates, registration details, and any other relevant information. Additionally, you can follow the conference's social media channels, subscribe to their newsletters, or join mailing lists to receive timely updates and notifications about the conference.


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Key Topics

While these are the overarching themes that will underpin the Conference discussions, there are key topics that continue to necessitate urgent action from global social investors, including but not limited to:

Day 1 - 20 June 2023

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Day 2 - 21 June 2023

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Day 3 - 22 June 2023

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