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Greetings from the Department of Applied Mathematics and Computational Sciences!!!

The five year integrated M.Sc Software Systems (erstwhile Software Engineering) programme, offered since 1997, caters to the human resource requirement of leading software industries across the globe.

The five year integrated M.Sc Theoretical Computer Science is yet another innovative programme offered since 2007 has been well received by the R&D divisions of software industries and top notch research institutions for higher education across the globe. To meet the new demands in the area of Big data analysis, a five year integrated M.Sc Data Science programme was offered from the year 2015.

The M.Sc Applied Mathematics programme was offered by the department to acquaint the students with various principles of Mathematics and apply to all relative fields of science, Technology and management. This programme is also designed to expose the students to the development and applications of software, catering to the needs of the industries and R&D Sector.

To meet the requirements of IT field, the department offers a UG Program B.Sc Computer Systems & Design (erstwhile Computer Technology).

The department organizes technical symposia at national and international levels at regular intervals. Stressing on consistent and good academic performance, the department also encourages participation in co-curricular and extracurricular activities to bring out the talents in it students.

Our curriculum is being concept-oriented and delivery is different and offers the students much freedom to experiment with industry relevant recent technologies as electives.

Dr.Nadarajan R. , Professor & Head

The Department of Applied Mathematics and Computational Sciences comprises of dedicated faculty members who are undoubtedly
the assets worth of mention. The Department is known for its discipline and for the importance it gives to the overall development of students in nurturing them towards becoming good software professionals and research scientists.


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The fundamental objective of the department is to develop quality professionals by providing concept oriented subject knowledge through high quality teaching supplemented with practical training. Apart from specialized knowledge and skills, the programmes conducted by the Department aim to develop the personality of students by inculcating values of honesty, sincerity, team spirit and work culture.

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    Co-ordinator for AICTE Summer School on SPM and CMM sponsored by AICTE, New Delhi