PSG Tech Student Wellness Centre

Student wellness has always been at the core of the values and polices of PSG College of Technology. This has been delivered through a mix of mentor-based approaches as well as student-led initiatives.

This centre will cater to the needs of students, right from their entry into college to graduating out and embarking on a range of career pathways. Our wellness Centre is at the forefront of creating a campus that promotes a welcoming, inclusive, diverse and collaborative student cohort.

Trained psychologists and career counsellors will form the core team at the centre and will work with a mission in these major areas.

  • Guide incoming students to settle into campus life.
  • Help students in resolving issues that lead to learning difficulties.
  • Assist students in exploring career pathways that suit them.
  • Drive students towards setting goals connected to their aspirations achieving them.


At a simpler level, the Wellness centre team will help students with issues related to campus life, academics and hostel life. Every student will have support in dealing with issues concerning them. Be it peer pressure, academic worries, living independently, loneliness, self-esteem, anxiety, stress, or anything that is a hurdle to a student’s learning journey – the wellness centre team will be glad to help through counselling.

Counselling provides an opportunity for individuals to learn to make better choices, improve interpersonal skills, develop confidence and improve their academic outcomes. In one-on-one meetings with counsellors, students are encouraged to explore their issues, be expressive, examine beliefs and ways of thinking about their present situations, reflect on patterns of behaviour, and work towards making healthier and happier changes.

Typical concerns of students who seek counselling are:

  • Transition and change
  • Uncertainty about values and goals
  • Academic pressure
  • Dealing with new academic patterns
  • Inter-personal Communication
  • Family concerns
  • Issues of grief and loss
  • Stress, depression and anxiety
  • Lack of motivation; concentration difficulties
  • Addictions and distractions
  • Lack of communications skills & more


Overall, the Wellness Centre will provide

  • Counselling
  • Students get a space to talk with no pressure
  • Confidentiality is maintained
  • No judgment, criticism and assumptions
  • Opportunity to share the burdens


Counsellors will…

  • Respect the students and their problems
  • Help the student to consider the different options and make choices
  • Make sincere attempts to help the student to manage the impact of the problem
  • Suggest including the right people, to help the student, if required

Appointments will be available during working hours at dedicated times.

Timeslots can be booked via - for male students and for female students.

Workshops and Events

The Wellness centre will organize different workshops and events during each academic year. These events will focus on different topics related to mental well-being and are based on the needs of the students.