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Dr.Kumaravel M

Academic Title: Professor
Dept. of Chemistry,
PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India.
Date of Joining: 04/07/1989
Educational Qualification(s): Select - Madurai Kamaraj University - 1982
M.Sc ( Chemistry ) - Madurai Kamaraj University - 1984
Ph.D ( Chemistry ) - Bharathiar University - 02/03/2003

M.Phil ( Bioelectronics ) - Anna university - 12/01/1993

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In Brief

Serving the institution since 1989 and as HOD of the department since 2005. Areas of research interests are Drug - Membrane interaction and corrosion engineering.

Subject Expertise

Heterogeneous catalysis

Research Area

Polymer Science
Textile Chemistry
Nano Technology
Metal Organic frameworks for energy applications

International & National Journals

S.No. Journal Paper Title Year Role Volume
1 Journal of Electrochemical sciences and teachnology Theoretical and Experimental Studies on the Adsorption of N- [(E)-Pyridin-2-ylmethylidene] Aniline, a Schiff Base, on Mild Steel Surface in Acid Media 2020 Co Author 11
2 INORGANIC CHEMISTRY COMMUNICATIONS Facile synthesis of YbVO4, and YVO4 nanostructures through MOF route for photocatalytic applications 2020 Co Author 115
3 APPLIED ORGANOMETALLIC CHEMISTRY Facile large scale synthesis of CuCr2O4/CuO nanocomposite using MOF route for photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue and tetracycline under visible light 2020 Co Author 34
4 Synthesis of novel AgCl loaded g-C3N5 with ultrahigh activity as visible light photocatalyst for pollutants degradation 2020 Co Author 738
5 Facile crystallization of 2-phenyl benzimidazole-5-sulfonic acid: Characterization of lattice water dependent zwitterionic supramolecular forms, with modulation in proton conductivities 2019 Co Author 131
6 JOURNAL OF PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY OF SOLIDS One-pot hydrothermal synthesis of CuCo2S4/RGO nanocomposites for visible-light photocatalytic applications 2018 Co Author 123
7 Materials letters Facile solvothermal synthesis of BiOI microsquares as a novel electrode material for supercapacitor applications 2018 Co Author 210
8 Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids One-pot green synthesis of zinc oxide nano rice and its application as sonocatalyst for degradation of organic dye and synthesis of 2-benzimidazole derivatives 2017 Co Author 104
9 Journal of Colloid and Interface Science Fine cutting edge shaped Bi2O3rods/reduced graphene oxide (RGO) composite for supercapacitor and visible-light photocatalytic applications 2017 Co Author 498
10 Energy and Environment Focus TiO2decorated reduced graphene oxide photocatalyst for the degradation of Rhodamine –B: Optimisation of experiment using response surface methodology 2017 Co Author 6
11 Journal of Taibah University for Science Supercapacitors studies on BiPO4 nanoparticles synthesized through a simple microwave approach’ 2017 Co Author 11
12 Arabian Journal of Chemistry ’Interaction of Cholesterol with Artificial Bilayer Lipid Membrane System and Development of an Electrochemical Sensor 2017 Co Author
13 Anti-Corrosion Methods and Materials Inhibition of corrosion of copper in acids by norfloxacin 2017 Co Author 64
14 Energy and Environment Focus Siddhartha Sankar Dhar, M. Humayun, ‘Facile synthesis of CuBi2O4 microspheres for catalytic oxidation of alcohols photocatalyst and supercapacitor applications 2016 Co Author 5
15 Journal of Colloid and Interface Science Facile synthesis of novel CaFe2O4/gC3N4 nanocomposites for degradation of methylene blue under visible-light irradiation 2016 Co Author 480
16 Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Sciences Effect of Grapheneoxide Content on the Catalytic Activity of TiO2 Nanocomposites 2016 Co Author 6 (7)
17 Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research Evaluation of bactericidal activity of reduced graphene oxide supported titania nanoparticles under visible light irradiation 2016 Co Author 8 (1)
18 Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Enhanced photocatalytic activity of TiO2 by reduced graphene oxide in mineralization of Rhodamine B dye 2016 Co Author 30
19 Materials Chemistry and Physics Electrochemical evaluation of inhibition efficiency of ciprofloxacin on the corrosion of copper in acid media 2016 Co Author 174
20 INORGANICA CHIMICA ACTA New 2-methyl benzimidazole based zinc carboxylates: Supramolecular structures, biomimetic proton conductivities and luminescent properties 2015 Co Author 437
21 SYNTHETIC METALS Humidity based proton conductivity of calcium-l-tartrate tetrahydrate: An environmentally benign coordination polymer as a solid electrolyte 2014 Co Author 196
22 Electrochimica acta Electrochemical impedance studies on the interaction of midazolam with planar lipid bilayer 2014 Co Author 138
23 MATERIALS SCIENCE IN SEMICONDUCTOR PROCESSING StructuralandopticalpropertiesofCdS/PEO 2013 Co Author 16
24 SYNTHETIC METALS Rapid crystallization and proton conductivity of copper (II)-l-tartrate 2012 Co Author 162
25 Thermal Science - International Scientific Journal Effective thermal conductivity modeling with primary and secondary parameters for two phase materials 2010 Co Author
26 Electrochimica Acta Electrochemical characterization of the protective film formed by the unsymmetrical Schiff's base on the mild steel surface in acid media -0001 Co Author 56

International & National Conferences

S.No. Conference Title Paper Title Date Role Organized By
1 International Conference on Advances in Functional Materials (ICAFM2017) “Proton Conducting Coordination Polymer for Humidity Sensing Applications” 06-01-2017 Co Author
2 Third International Conference on Industrial Textiles – Products, Applications and Prospectus – Indu Tech 2016 “Ionically conducting coordination polymer for textile Applications” 26-08-2016 Co Author OTHERS


S.No. Title Author Nature Date
1 Photocatalysis: Present, past and future
Dr.Vadivel S
Dr.Kumaravel M
Dr.Maruthamani D
Chapter 01-04-2018

Programmes Organised

S.No. Title of the Programme From To Sponsoring Agency No. of Audience
1 Recent Advances in Electrochemical Energy Storage and Conversion Systems 20-09-2018 - 50
2 TEQIP II sponsored 2 days workshop on "Awareness on Radiochemistry" 09-08-2016 10-08-2016 PSG 50
3 TEQIP-II-Sponsored workshop on current Research Methodologies for Water Treatment 18-07-2016 19-07-2016 TEQIP-II-Sponsored 57
4 TEQIP II sponsored 2 days workshop on "Current Research Methodologies for Water Treatment" 12-07-2016 13-07-2016 PSG 45
5 TEQIP II sponsored 2 days workshop on "Composites" 10-09-2013 11-09-2013 PSG 60
6 2nd National Workshop on "Theory & Practice of Advanced Techniques for the characterization of Nano 11-01-2012 12-01-2012 PSG 45
7 One day workshop on Radiochemistry 11-10-2011 PSG 53
8 National Workshop on "Theory & Practice of Advanced Techniques for the characterization of Nanomater 18-01-2011 19-01-2011 PSG 100

Programmes Attended

S.No. Title of the Programme From To Organized by Sponsoring Agency
1 International conference on nanotechnology: Ideas, Innovations and Innovatives, IIT-Roorkee 06/12/2017 08/12/2017 IIT-Roorkee IIT-Roorkee

Doctoral Guidance / Supervision : Completed

S.No. Name of the Candidate Title of the Thesis Date of Completion
1 Maruthamani D
Photocatalysis 05-07-2015

Sponsored Research Projects

S.No. Title of the Project Sponsoring Agency Role
1 Development of Hybrid Core Shell Nano Particles based Sensor for NOx Gas and RDX Vapour Detection for Chemical Environment and Safety Applications IGCAR Co Investigator
2 Development of a Conducting Polymer / Agarose Gel Supported Lipid Bilayer Sensor for the quantification of Benzodiazepines in Body Fluids AICTE Principal Investigator
3 Modernization of Corrosion Engineering Laboratory AICTE Principal Investigator
4 Development of Mesoporous TiN@Nitrogen-Doped Carbon Nanostructured Support Materials with Less-Pt Electrocatalysts for Durable and Low-cost PEM Fuel Cells DST- Technology Mission Division Co Investigator