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Dr.Kanakaraj J

Academic Title: Professor (CAS)
Dept. of Electrical & Electronics Engineering,
PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India.
Date of Joining: 15/07/1993
Educational Qualification(s): B.E ( Electrical and Electronics ) - Coimbatore Institute of Technology - 1988
M.E ( Electrical and Electronics ) - PSG College of Technology - 1997
Ph.D ( Control Systems ) - Bharathiar university - 06/12/2007
Supervisor: Dr.G.Gurusamy

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In Brief

"Work is Worship" I firmly believe in myself

Subject Expertise

Improving Stabilization and Trajectory tracking of Under Actuated Systems.
Electric Machines
Electrical Machine Design
Linear Electric Machines
Measurements and Instrumentation
WEGS for isolated DC loads/DC Microgrid
Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle
Power Systems Protection and Switch Gears
Rotating Electrical Machine Design
Special Machines and Controllers

Research Area

Power Systems Protection and Switch Gears
Smart Grid
Automotive Embedded Systems
Control Systems
Design of Electrical Machines
Linear Electric Machines
Measurements and Instrumentation
WEGS for isolated DC loads/DC Microgrid
Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Professional Experience:


Supervisor, M/s Lakshmi Mills Co.Ltd, Coimbatore , during ( 01/09/1983 - 31/03/1985 )
Supervisor, M/s G K Alloy Steels Pvt. Ltd, Coimbatore , during ( 01/04/1985 - 11/01/1988 )
Chargeman, Southern Railways, Podanur, Coimbatore , during ( 26/10/1989 - 15/07/1993 )

International & National Journals

S.No. Journal Paper Title Year Role Volume
1 Control Engineering And Applied Informatics Real-time Evaluation of Ant Lion Optimizer tuned Linear Matrix Inequalities based State Feedback Controller for the Control of an Under-actuated System 2022 Co Author 24
2 IJAS An Overview on Wireless Power Transfer for Electric Vehicles: Technology and its Status 2021 Co Author 12
4 International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology (IJEAT) A Charge Controller Techniques for Solar PV System 2019 Co Author 8
5 International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering(IJITEE) Modeling and Analysis of PV fed DC-DC Converters. 2018 Co Author 8
6 Turkish Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences A neuro-fuzzy controller for grid-connected heavy-duty gas turbine power plants 2017 Co Author
7 Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research Power Quality Improvement by Direct Power Control of Active Front End Rectifier 2017 Co Author 76
8 Sensor Letters Analysis of mobile node properties and characteristics in wireless sensor networks 2016 Co Author
9 Sadhana - Academy Proceedings in Engineering Sciences Intelligent energy management control for independent microgrid 2016 Co Author
10 International Journal of Renewable Energy Research A novel energy management scheme using anfis for independent microgrid 2016 Co Author
11 Asian Journal of Research in Social Sciences and Humanities Design of Interleaved Three-Phase Single Switch Boost PFC Converter 2016 Co Author 6
12 International Journal of Applied Engineering Research Performance analysis of dircet torque controller based variable structure control of induction motor drive 2015 Co Author
13 Archives of Electrical Engineering Optimal sizing and cost analysis of hybrid power system for a stand-alone application in Coimbatore region: A case study 2015 Co Author
14 Archives of Electrical Engineering Modeling and simulation of stand-alone hybrid power system with fuzzy MPPT for remote load application 2015 Co Author 64(3)
15 Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences Design of Power System Stabilizer using Fuzzy based Sliding Mode Control Technique 2014 Co Author 8
16 Journal of Testing and Evaluation Evaluation of super-resolution methods for magnetic resonance images 2014 Co Author
17 Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology MRAS based Sensorless induction motor drive using variable structure control 2014 Co Author
18 International Journal of Applied Engineering Research Mobility based energy efficient tracking using particle swarm optimization (PSO) in wireless sensor networks 2014 Co Author
19 The Scientific World Journal A review on potential issues and challenges in MR imaging 2013 Co Author
20 American Journal of Applied Sciences Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference system-particle Swarm Optimization based stability maintenance of power system networks 2013 Co Author 10
21 Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology Multiple mobile anchors based localization using particle swarm optimization (PSO) for Wireless Sensor Networks 2013 Co Author
22 European Journal of Scientific Research Sparse parameter model based image super-resolution 2012 Main Author
23 Journal of Applied Sciences Decoupling and soft sensor design for a class of MIMO system 2012 Co Author
24 International Review on Modelling and Simulations Development of MATLAB/SIMULINK models for PV and wind systems and review on control strategies for hybrid energy systems 2012 Co Author
25 Distributed Generation and Alternative Energy Journal Frequency control of microgrid based on compressed air energy storage system 2012 Co Author 27
26 Journal of Computer Science Decoupling and linearizing of a pH plant using Hirschorn's and Genetic Algorithms 2012 Co Author
27 International Review of Automatic Control Theory and Applications Enhanced Control Technique for Stabilization of Power systems using Controllable Series Capacitor 2012 Co Author 5
28 European Journal of Scientific Research Maintaining Stability in Distribution System with Microgrid using Neuro-Fuzzy 2012 Co Author 76

International & National Conferences

S.No. Conference Title Paper Title Date Role Organized By
1 2019 IEEE 4th International Future Energy Electronics Conference (IFEEC) Singapore Transformerless Single Stage High Boost PV Inverter with Reduced Leakage Current 25-11-2019 Co Author Outside India
2 IEEE 2019 2nd International Conference on Smart Grid and Renewable Energy (SGRE) Doha Qatar Single Stage High Gain Transformerless Three Phase PV Inverter 19-11-2019 Co Author Outside India
3 IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering Microinverter for wireless charging 01-10-2019 Co Author OTHERS
4 META Web of Conferences (UTP-UMP-VIT SES 2018) Analysis of Solar PV Application based on Bidirectional Inverter 01-09-2018 Co Author OTHERS
5 International Conference on Advancements in Automation and Control, ICAAC 2014 A multi-agent control for energy management in PV/Wind/Fuel Cell/Battery hybrid power system 11-04-2014 Co Author

Special Lectures Delivered

S.No. Event Topic Organizer From To
1 TEQIP III sponsored One Week FDP on "Automotive Embedded Systems" Electric Veficles / Hybrid Vehicles - An Overview Dr. R.Neelaveni and Dr. Ila Vennila 10/06/2019 16/06/2019

Programmes Organised

S.No. Title of the Programme From To Sponsoring Agency No. of Audience
1 Design Thinking 24-02-2023 25-02-2023 - 45
2 19RF16 / 19EF28 CABLE TECHNOLOGY 15-10-2022 16-10-2022 - 70
3 Future Proof Power Electronic Systems: Applications in Energy Systems 23-09-2022 24-09-2022 - 20
4 Embedded Controller System Design for Electric Vehicles 22-08-2022 23-09-2022 - 20
5 Hands-On Workshop on "Design, Simulation & Analysis of PMSM for Traction" 27-07-2022 29-07-2022 - 30
6 Multi-Label Learning 13-07-2022 13-07-2022 - 50
7 Online Five Days Summer School on Deep Learning for Computer Vision, Speech and NLP: Research and Application perspective 27-06-2022 01-07-2022 - 53
8 Accelerated AI for Computer Vision, Speech and NLP 04-03-2022 05-03-2022 - 53
9 Vehicle Electrification and Smart Grid: A Path Towards Sustainable Future 24-08-2020 28-08-2020 AICTE 200
10 Automotive Cyber Security 31-07-2020 31-07-2020 - 93
11 Skills Industry Expects from Students 26-07-2020 26-07-2020 - 120
12 COVID 19:Pathway to Healthy Lifestyle Management 21-07-2020 21-07-2020 - 110
13 Building Better Mental Health 20-07-2020 20-07-2020 - 85
14 Big Data Analytics 20-07-2020 22-07-2020 - 120
15 National Workshop on Design, Testing, and Applications of Applied, Embedded and Power Electronic Systems -2020 26-06-2020 26-06-2020 - 56
16 Indo - Israel International Conference on Sustainable Cities 28-01-2020 29-01-2020 TAU & ARO, Israel ,5 lacs 150
17 Internet of Things (IoT) for Emerging Engineering Applications in Smart City Implementations and PSG-TECHathon 2019 26-09-2019 28-09-2019 - 41
19 National Level Workshop on "Design Approaches of Modern Electric Motors" 21-12-2018 22-12-2018 PSG Tech 30
22 Electrical Safety 23-01-2015 24-01-2015 - 30
23 National Level Workshop on "Research Perspectives in Power System Deregulation and Restructuring" 31-01-2014 01-02-2014 PSG Tech 35
24 • Third National Conference on Intelligent and Efficient Electrical Systems (NCIEES’09) 27-08-2009 28-08-2009 Tata Power 100

Awards and Achievements

S.No. Title of the Award Awarded By Date of Achievement
1 Dakshinamoorthy Award for Teaching Excellence PSG College of Technology 01/03/2019

Doctoral Guidance / Supervision : Completed

S.No. Name of the Candidate Title of the Thesis Date of Completion
1 Dr.T.Bogaraj
Certain Investigations on Intelligent Energy Management and Sizing of Standalone Hybrid Power System 12-05-2017
2 Dr.S.Kavitha
An Exhaustive Study on Mobile Localization approaches to improve Quality of service in Wireless Sensor Network 22-08-2016
3 Dr. R. Kannan
Certain Investigations on Variable Structure Control of an Induction Motor Drive 02-08-2016
4 Dr. R. Latha
Investigations on Control Techniques for Optimized operation and stability enhancement of Power Distribution system with Microgrid 03-11-2014
5 Dr.S.Kathiravan
Investigation in Super-Resolution Techniques as applied to MRI and General Imagery 31-10-2014
6 Dr.Subbulekshmi D.
A study of Linearization and Decoupling Techniques applied to MIMO Nonlinear Interacting Processes 13-11-2013

Doctoral Guidance / Supervision : In Progress

S.No. Name of the Candidate Area of Research
1 Mr. Selvagopinath M
Design and Development of Human Friendly Waliking Assisting Robot Vehicle
2 Ms. P. maithili
Power Electronics for Renewable Energy Generation Sytems
3 Mr. A. Maideen Abdhulkade
Wireless Charging for Electric Vehicle EVs
4 Mr Komakhan Sudar Vendan P
Control Systems
5 Ms.Nishanthi B
Power Converter Analysis
6 Ms.Latha Maheswari K
Monitoring control Protection and Analysis of Smart Grid