Personal Profile

Dr.Senthilkumar M

Academic Title: Professor (CAS)
Dept. of Production Engineering,
PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India.
Date of Joining: 27/09/2000
Educational Qualification(s): B.E ( Mechanical ) - Bharathiar University - 1994
M.E ( Engineering Design ) - Bharathiar University - 1996
M.Sc ( Yoga ) - Tamilnadu Physical Education and Sports University - 2018
Ph.D ( Mechanical Engineering ) - Anna University, Chennai - 02/22/2008

Certificate Course(s):- PGD(YOGA EDUCATION) - Bharathiar University - 2016
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In Brief

Teaching design and kinematics and dynamics of machinery Research area includes vibration, and composites.

Subject Expertise

Composite Materials
Application of Smart Materials In Vibration Control
Machine Design
Strength of Materials
Kinematics of Machinery
Dynamics of Machinery

Research Area

Composite Materials
Machine Design
Application of Smart Materials in Vibration Control

Professional Experience:


ENGINEER, ASSOCIATED MACHINE TOOLS & ENGINEERS, , during ( 10/04/1996 - 24/09/1996 )


LECTURER, PSG COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY, COIMBATORE, during ( 27/09/2000 - 31/12/2005 )
Professor, PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore, during ( 08/11/2015 - Till Date )


Life Member - Indian Society for Technical Education, New Dehil
Fellow - Institution of Engineers India, Kolkata
Life Member - International Association of Engineers,Hong Kong
Life Member - Tribology Society of India , Faridabad. HARYANA
Fellow - International Society for Research and Development, London


S.No. Role Patent ID Patent Title Patent Level Registered with Year Status
1 Principal Investigator 329527 Onion Peeler National 2012 Granted
2 Principal Investigator TEMP/E-1/5017/2017-CHE Reclining and standing mechanism of a wheel chair assembly National 2017 Applied
3 Principal Investigator 3442/CHE/2014 A folding mechanism for a bi-cycle National 2016 Granted
4 Principal Investigator 646/CHE/2014 Automated system and method for controlling a valve of a LPG Cylinder National 2015 Granted

International & National Journals

S.No. Journal Paper Title Year Role Volume
1 Frattura Ed Integrita Strutturale-Fracture And Structural Integrity Natural Frequency based delamination estimation in GFRP beams using RSM and ANN 2022 Co Author 16
2 PROCEEDINGS OF THE INSTITUTION OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS PART L-JOURNAL OF MATERIALS-DESIGN AND APPLICATIONS On the tensile and compressive behavior of a sandwich panel made of flax fiber and agglomerated cork 2021 Co Author 236
3 TRANSACTIONS OF THE INDIAN INSTITUTE OF METALS Dynamic Study and Detection of Edge Crack in Composite Laminates Using Vibration Parameters 2021 Main Author 0
4 TRANSACTIONS OF THE INDIAN INSTITUTE OF METALS Fatigue Life Evaluation of Delaminated GFRP Laminates Using Artificial Neural Networks 2021 Co Author 74
5 POLYMERS & POLYMER COMPOSITES Vibration-based delamination evaluation in GFRP composite beams using ANN 2021 Co Author 0
6 Design and Mold Flow Analysis of 2-Stroke Petrol Engine Piston 2020 Co Author 16
7 National Journal of Technology Development of regression equations to predict the fatigue life of cracked composites 2020 Co Author 16
8 POLYMERS & POLYMER COMPOSITES Nondestructive health monitoring techniques for composite materials: A review 2020 Main Author 29
9 JOURNAL OF THERMAL ANALYSIS AND CALORIMETRY Experimental study on thermal and morphological analyses of green composite sandwich made of flax and agglomerated cork 2020 Co Author 139
10 Design and Finite Element Thermal Analysis of Fins for Optimization IC Engine by Varying ITS Geometry 2019 Co Author 15
11 Design and Finite Element Dynamic Analysis of Two Stroke Petrol Engine Connecting Rod 2019 Co Author 14
12 A study on Tunable Vibration Based Energy Harvester Using Shape Memory Effect 2019 Main Author 15
13 JOURNAL OF COMPOSITE MATERIALS Experimental investigation on impact, sound, and vibration response of natural-based composite sandwich made of flax and agglomerated cork 2019 Co Author 54
14 Design and Finite Element Dynamic Analysis of Two Stroke Petrol Engine Piston 2019 Co Author 15
15 MATERIALS TESTING Effect of water absorption on the flexural strength of a green sandwich composite 2019 Co Author 61
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17 Design and finite element dynamic analysis of two stroke petrol engine crankshaft 2018 Co Author 14
18 JOURNAL OF MECHANICAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Machining of CFRP/Ti6Al4V stacks under minimal quantity lubricating condition 2018 Main Author 32
21 Smart Structures Systems Vibration control of small horizontal axis wind turbine blade with shape memory alloy 2018 Main Author 21
22 Journal of Research in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics Design and Analysis of Composite Spur Gears for Weight reduction 2018 Co Author 3
23 International Journal of Engineering Structural and Thermal Study of Aluminum Hybrid Composite Alloy Reinforced with Silicon Carbide and Rice Husk Ash for Automobile Brake Drum 2017 Main Author 41
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25 Int. J. Materials Engineering Innovation, Multi-response optimisation in drilling of CFRP/Ti6Al4V stacks: a degree of similarity approach 2017 Co Author Vol. 8, No
26 nternational Journal of Automobile Engineering Research and Development Experimental analysis of faults of automobile starting system 2017 Co Author 2278-9413
27 Transactions of the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering OPTIMIZATION OF MECHANICAL PROPERTIES OF E-GLASSWOVEN FABRIC COMPOSITE 2017 Co Author 41
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30 Advances in natural and applied sciences Experimental Study on the Effects of Misalignment in a Rotor–Bearing System 2016 Main Author 10
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131 International journal for manufacturing science and production Performance of fully active suspension system using PID controller 2006 Co Author 7
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136 National journal of technology Evaluation of vehicle ride characteristics of a quarter car model suspension system using frequency and time domain analysis 2004 Co Author 1

International & National Conferences

S.No. Conference Title Paper Title Date Role Organized By
1 SERB Sponsored Seminar on “ Composite Materials for General Engineering, Armour and Aerospace Applications Exploration of Green Composite Sandwich made of flax fiber and agglomerated cork for structural applications 01-09-2018 Co Author OTHERS
2 International Conference on Advances in Materials and Manufacturing Applications (IConAMMA-2017) Investigations on Vibration Characteristics of Sma Embedded Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine Blade 17-08-2017 Co Author Amirta University
3 Energy Efficient Mechanical System Design and Manufacturing Numerical Investigation of Spur gears made up of different materials 27-04-2017 Co Author
4 Proceedings of the 5th World Conference on 3D Fabrics and Their Applications A review on the advancement, advantages and applications of 3D composites 16-12-2013 Main Author
5 Indian Conference on Applied Mechanics Effect of misalignment and unbalance in a rotor-bearing system 04-07-2013 Main Author
6 2012 ASME International Conference on manufacturing science and engineering ptimisation of machining parameters in CFRP/Ti stacks drilling 04-07-2012 Co Author
7 International Conference on simulation modeling and analysis Damping characteristics study on a cantilever beam using magneto-rheological fluids 01-12-2011 Co Author
8 International conference advanced design and manufacturing engineering, Guangdong university of technology Development of active suspension system for pot hole using PID controller 01-09-2011 Main Author
9 International conference on emerging trends in engineering Tuned Vibration Absorber using shape memory alloy 02-05-2011 Co Author
10 Optics: phenomena, materials, devices and characterization "Experimental studies on dynamic vibration absorber using shape memory alloy (NiTi) springs 03-01-2011 Co Author
11 6th International conference on vibration engineering and technology of machinery Active dynamics vibration absorber using Nickel-Titanium shape memory alloy 01-12-2010 Co Author
12 The seventh Jordanian International mechanical engineering conference Active dynamic vibration absorber using shape memory alloy 01-09-2010 Co Author
13 Ninth Asia-Pacific International Conference on Materials Processing Experimental studies on the influence of cutting parameters on thrust force and torque during drilling of GFRP with Sic fillers 01-06-2010 Main Author
14 Sixth International Conference on Precision, Meso, Micro and Nano engineering Vibration control of a smart structure using Piezoelectric material 01-12-2009 Main Author
15 Intl. Conf. on Automotive and Mechanical Engineering Design of self adaptive cantilevered mass dynamic vibration absorber for suppressing vibration in simply supported beam under point harmonic excitation 29-07-2009 Co Author
16 International conference of mechanical engineering Development of active suspension system for automobiles using PID controller 02-07-2008 Main Author
17 International conference on global manufacturing and innovation Notched strength in woven jute fabric reinforced polyester composites with circular holes-applicability of stress fracture criteria 01-07-2006 Co Author
18 International conference on total engineering, analysis & manufacturing technologies A study of semi-active suspension system using continuously variable damper for vibration isolation of harmonic disturbances 28-02-2006 Co Author
19 Latest trends in mechanical engineering Analysis of self-rightening characteristics, holding capacity & Strength of Rocket Propelled anchor for armour 01-04-2005 Main Author
20 International conference on emerging technologies intelligent system and control Development of an active suspension system for a quarter car model of passenger vehicle 01-01-2005 Main Author
21 International conference on recent advances in composite materials Design and optimisation of a FRP composite leaf spring 17-12-2004 Main Author
22 Seventh international conference on computational structures technology, Optimal active suspension system subject to stationary random road surfaces 01-09-2004 Main Author
23 Seventh international conference on computational structures technology An investigation on the stress distribution around holes in compressively loaded GFRP composite lamintes 01-09-2004 Main Author
24 Conference on recent trends in manufacturing Active vibration control of flexible structures using piezoelectric actuators 01-04-2004 Main Author
25 Conference on advances in materials and manufacturing technology Evaluation of anisotropic contact behaviour of unidirectional continuous FRP composites 01-04-2004 Main Author
26 International Conference IFAMS Statistical Design at Experiments for Predicting the Nature of Built-up Edge 01-01-1999 Main Author


S.No. Title Author Nature Date
1 Prominence in Understanding the Position of Drill Tool Using Acoustic Emission Signals During Drilling of CFRP/Ti6Al4V Stacks
Dr.Prabukarthi A, MEC
Dr.Senthilkumar M
Dr.Krishnaraj V
Chapter 12-02-2019

Programmes Organised

S.No. Title of the Programme From To Sponsoring Agency No. of Audience
1 A Webinar on “Awareness on Quality Measures in VSS Facade Products” 23-04-2022 23-04-2022 - 40
2 A Webinar on “Importance of MATLAB Tool & its Role in Vehicle Design” 16-04-2022 16-04-2022 - 40
3 Metal forming in modern manufacturing industry:Opportunities and Challenges (MFMMI 22) 09-04-2022 09-04-2022 - 10
4 Data Driven Approach in Automation & Manufacturing 18-12-2021 18-12-2021 - 50
5 Industrial Transformation 5.0 04-12-2021 04-12-2021 - 50
6 A webinar on " Presentation skills" was delivered by Ms. Sujitha Sairam, the Soft skills trainer. 13-11-2021 13-11-2021 - 72
7 Webinar on WHY MACHINE LEARNING MATTERS? 13-11-2021 13-11-2021 - 30
8 Indo-Australian Online Seminar on COMPOSITE MATERIALS FOR BALLISTIC PROTECTION 22-10-2021 22-10-2021 DST 150
9 Career opportunities in supply chain management and transportation 01-10-2021 01-10-2021 - 166
10 Career Opportunities in Supply Chain Management & Transportation 01-10-2021 01-10-2021 - 60
11 Applications of FEA 28-09-2021 28-09-2021 - 60
12 Opportunities in Aerospace Industries 25-09-2021 25-09-2021 - 99
13 A Webinar on ‘OPPORTUNITIES IN AEROSPACE INDUSTRIES’ 25-09-2021 25-09-2021 - 102
14 FUTURE READINESS 28-08-2021 28-08-2021 - 152
15 Supply Chain Management & Logistics 24-07-2021 24-07-2021 - 130
16 Quality Resume Preparation 17-07-2021 17-07-2021 - 90
17 How to be successful in the GATE examination? 03-07-2021 03-07-2021 - 68
18 Strategies for Professional Development as an Engineer 08-02-2021 08-02-2021 IEI,coimbatore 71
19 Development of Ti-alloy and Ni-alloy Engine components in Aerospace industry 18-09-2020 18-09-2020 - 70
20 Webinar on High Strain Rate Testing of Advanced Materials 21-08-2020 21-08-2020 DST 29
21 Introduction to Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing 08-08-2020 08-08-2020 - 270
22 Webinar on “Micro Manufacturing” 07-08-2020 07-08-2020 - 130
23 Career choices and higher studies in the USA 25-07-2020 25-07-2020 - 38
24 Entrepreneurship 23-07-2020 23-07-2020 - 38
25 XR in industry 4.0 19-07-2020 19-07-2020 - 38
26 Robotics - Mechanics and Control 18-07-2020 18-07-2020 - 38
27 Technical roles in mechanical domain 13-07-2020 13-07-2020 - 60
28 Mechatronics and Smart Manufacturing 12-07-2020 12-07-2020 - 50
29 Smart Connected Product Lifecycle Management 10-07-2020 10-07-2020 -
30 Dealing with stress in the current times 08-07-2020 08-07-2020 - 64
31 Internet of Things 05-07-2020 05-07-2020 - 64
32 Innovation and Entrepreneurship – Eyes of Indian Economy 04-07-2020 04-07-2020 - 64
33 Introduction to design and Manufacture of Armour Materials 06-01-2020 13-01-2020 DST 25
34 Question Paper Model based on OBE 23-12-2019 23-12-2019 TEQIP 42
35 Advanced Materials for Armour Applications 09-12-2019 18-12-2019 DST 50
36 National Conference on Product Design, Virtual Prototyping and Manufacturing 03-05-2019 03-05-2019 - 30
37 SERB Sponsored Seminar on Composite Materials for General Engineering, Armour and Aerospace Applications 28-09-2018 29-09-2018 DST 55
38 One Day Workshop on “Advances in Manufacturing Technology” 16-09-2016 PSG 140
39 Three Day “Industry Institute Interaction Workshop Cum Orientation Programme” for I Year B.E. St 11-07-2016 13-07-2016 TEQIP-II 93
40 TEQIP-II Sponsored One Day Workshop on Developing Industry Relevant Curriculum for Undergraduate Eng 08-03-2014 TEQIP Phase II

Programmes Attended

S.No. Title of the Programme From To Organized by Sponsoring Agency
1 The next generation optimisation driven product development process 06/12/2004 06/12/2004 The Hotel Residency Altair Engineering India P Ltd.
2 Emerging Technologies in Automotive Manufacturing 14/11/2004 27/11/2004 PSG Tech. PSG Tech.
3 Automotive Infotronics 22/08/2003 23/08/2003 IIT (Chennai) SAE INDIA SOUTHERN SECTION
4 Design and Manufacture of Composite Components 23/06/2003 26/06/2003 PSG College of Technology PSG College of Technology
5 Human Values & Professional Ethics 25/05/2003 07/06/2003 PSG College of Technology PSG College of Technology
6 Light Materials : Science & Technology 16/04/2003 17/04/2003 Indian Institute of Science Indian Institute of Science
7 Composites - Production and Processing 22/03/2003 22/03/2003 Annamalai University Annamalai University
8 Automobile Engineering 27/02/2003 01/03/2003 R.V. College of Engineering R.V. College of Engineering
9 Teaching - Learining Process 18/10/2002 18/10/2002 PSG College of Technology PSG College of Technology
10 Metals & Materials 27/09/2002 27/09/2002 IIT (Chennai) IIT (Chennai)
11 Recent Numerical Techniques to Solve Engineering Problems 12/05/2000 03/06/2000 Reginal Engineering College (Calicut) Reginal Engineering College (Calicut)
12 Cryogenic Technology 27/09/1999 08/10/1999 Indian Institute of Science Indian Institute of Science
13 Performance Appraisal and Development System 20/08/1999 21/08/1999 Kumaraguru College of Technology Kumaraguru College of Technology
14 CAD/CAM & Virtual Factories 06/08/1999 07/08/1999 Kumaraguru College of Technology Kumaraguru College of Technology
15 Fourth International Conference on Engineering Computational Technology National Laboratory For Civil Engineering Civil-Comp Press
16 Damage Tolerant Design and Materials IIT (Chennai) IIT (Chennai)
17 A Course on Vibration Engineering PSG College of Technology
18 Advances in Automotive Technology PSG College of Technology PSG College of Technology
19 UNIGRAPHICS PSG College of Technology PSG College of Technology
20 Modern Trends in Mechantronics and its Applications Kumaraguru College of Technology Kumaraguru College of Technology
21 Design For Global Competancy M.S.Ramaiah School of Advanced Studies M.S.Ramaiah School of Advanced Studies
22 Advances in materials and manufacturing technology Chennai IIT
23 Labview 7 Express National Instruments National Instruments
24 Processing and quality of composites ISAMPE ISAMPE
25 Seventh International Conference on Computational Structures Technology National Laboratory For Civil Engineering Civil-Comp Press

Awards and Achievements

S.No. Title of the Award Awarded By Date of Achievement
1 ISTE-Anna University National Award for Outstanding Academic, 2013 ISTE, New Delhi, 43rd National Convention of ISTE, New Delhi 19/12/2013
2 P.K.Das Memorial Award for Best Faculty in Mechanical Engineering-Senior, 2013 Nehru Group of Institutions, Coimbatore 15/12/2013
3 Pearson Teaching Award Pearson India, New Delhi 13/12/2013

Doctoral Guidance / Supervision : Completed

S.No. Name of the Candidate Title of the Thesis Date of Completion
1 Dr.Sreekanth T G
3 Mr. Sendhil Kumar S
Development of an Expert System for Real-Time Condition Monitoring of Rotor-Bearing System 11-10-2017
4 Mr. Sunil Dundappa Majagi
Studies on Effect of Process Variables in Incremental Forming Process 09-06-2017
5 Mr. Srinivasan G
Performance Analysis of Active Suspension Systems for Armoured Fighting Vehicles 13-03-2017
6 Mr. Tiruvenkadam N
Development of Nano-Hybrid Composites Cylinder Liner for Energy Savings in Diesel Engines 29-08-2016
7 Mr. Saravanan S D
Investigations on Tribological and Machining Characteristics of Aluminum Rice Husk Ash Composite 05-12-2015
8 Mr. Sathishkumar B
Experimental Investigations on Particle Damping Technique on Boring Bar and Beam 31-10-2014
9 Dr.Yuvaraja M, MEC
Investigations on Vibration Control of Structures Using Smart Materials 27-10-2014
10 Dr.Murugesan V M, AUT
Studies on Electronic Control Unit for Fault Diagnosis of Automobile Starting System 07-08-2014
11 Mr. Kumaresan D
Effect of Ceramic Filler on Tribological Behavior of Carbon Fabric Reinforced Epoxy Hybrid Composite Systems 02-08-2013
12 Dr.Vijayakumar V, MEC
13 Dr.Prabukarthi A, MEC

Doctoral Guidance / Supervision : In Progress

S.No. Name of the Candidate Area of Research
1 Mr. Govindaraju P
2 S. Manikanta Reddy
Mechanical Vibrations

Sponsored Research Projects

S.No. Title of the Project Sponsoring Agency Role
1 Experimental Investigation on Sound and Vibration Damping characteristics of Green Sandwich composites AICTE - RPS, New Delhi Principal Investigator
2 Development of Green Sandwich composite for Transport and Construction Applications CSIR, New Delhi Principal Investigator
3 Design and development of Drill Tool for drilling Aerospace Structures (CFRP/Ti/CFRP/Al stacks) UGC Co Investigator
4 Mechanism analysis of object climber NPOL Principal Investigator
5 Experimental Studies on Particle Damping AICTE Co Investigator
6 Design and development of smart composite structure for active suppression and shape control AICTE, New Delhi Principal Investigator
7 Investigations on vibration control by particle damping AICTE Principal Investigator
8 Weight reduction of air-borne winch using composites NPOL Principal Investigator
9 Studies on composite leaf spring and drive shaft for automotive applications DRDO Principal Investigator
10 Investigations on active suspension system using smart materials AICTE Principal Investigator
11 Development and Performance Testing of Metal Matrix Composite Gears using Powder Metallurgy UGC New Delhi Co Investigator