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Dr.Vinod B

Academic Title: Professor (CAS)
Dept. of Electrical & Electronics Engineering,
PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India.
Date of Joining: 15/07/2016
Educational Qualification(s): B.Tech ( Others ) - University of Calicut - 1991
M.E ( Others ) - Bharathiar University - 1997
Ph.D ( Design and Development of Power Failure Detector Modules for Control of Axis Runaway in CNC Machines ) - Bharathiar University - 12/06/2007
Supervisor: Dr. G. Guruswamy

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In Brief

Dr. B. Vinod has a postgraduate degree in Applied Electronics from PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore and completed his Ph.D on CNC machine controls from Bharathiar University Coimbatore. He has eight years of industrial experience in the field of industrial automation and has Twenty years of teaching experience in Robotics, CNC, Industrial Automation, Power Electronics, Controls and Drives. He is currently heading the Department of Robotics and Automation Engineering at PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore. He has successfully carried out Eleven funded research projects for various research establishments like DST, DHI, NIOT, HAPP, IGCAR, AR&DB, and RCI, to the tune of 17.42 crore. He was also instrumental in establishing 15 of the Centres of Excellence at PSG College of Technology. He has published 31 papers in various international journals and conferences. He is a member of the Managing Committee, Southern India Engineering Manufacturers Association (SIEMA), Managing Committee member of International Open Access Technology Alliance, Chairman of Robotics and Automation Society IEEE Madras chapter, member Robotics and Automation panel for BIS and Vice-Chairman of the Forum for Automation, CII Coimbatore chapter.

Subject Expertise

Research Area

International & National Journals

S.No. Journal Paper Title Year Role Volume
1 Journal of Electrical Engineering (JEE) Analysis of Harmonic Distortion in CNC Turning Centres 2019 Co Author 19
2 National Journal of Technology Monocular vision based Autonomous Ingress and Landing of MAV 2019 Co Author 14
3 Indian Welding Journal Design of Special Purpose Machine for TIG Welding of Circumferential Seam of Motor Body 2018 Co Author 51
4 Journal of Ecology, Environment and Conservation Impact of Steel Metallurgical Composition Confined to the Energy Conservation for Effective Groundwater Harvesting in Agricultural Applications 2017 Co Author 24
5 Control Engineering and Applied Informatics Finite control set based optimized model predictive current control of fourleg shunt active power filter 2017 Co Author 19(1)
6 Asian Journal of Research in Social Sciences and Humanities Design and Development of 5-HP BLDC Motor for Submersible Application 2016 Co Author 12
7 Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences Novelty Testing Measures and Defect Management in Automotive Software Development 2016 Co Author 10
8 Circuits and Systems Deployment of Effective Testing Methodology in Automotive Software Development 2016 Co Author 7
9 Asian Journal of Research in Social Sciences and Humanities Model Based Design approach for Component Design Implementation in Automotive System Development 2016 Co Author 6
10 Asian Journal of Research in Social Sciences and Humanities Optimization of BLDC Motor for Submersible Motor Pump-sets Application 2016 Co Author 6
11 Journal of Ecology, Environment and Conservation Groundwater Harvesting Technologies and its Impact on Environmental Energy Conservation 2016 Co Author 22
12 Journal of Engineering Science and Technology Performance evaluation of three phase scalar controlled pwm rectifier using different carrier and modulating signal 2015 Co Author 10(4)
13 International Journal of Applied Engineering Research Model based design approach in automotive software and systems 2015 Co Author
14 Indian Journal of Science and Technology Real-time task scheduling for distributed embedded system using MATLAB toolboxes 2015 Co Author
15 Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology Scalar controlled Boost PWM Rectifier for Micro Wind Energy Systems 2015 Co Author 10(1)
16 International Journal of Mechanical Engineering (IIJME) Measurement of Cutting Forces in CNC Turning Centers: A Review 2015 Co Author 3

International & National Conferences

S.No. Conference Title Paper Title Date Role Organized By
1 ICAARS 2018 Exploration on Automated Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (AGTAW) for Stainless Steel Application 14-12-2018 Co Author OTHERS
2 ICAARS 2018 Non – Contact Collision Avoiding Sensor in Industrial Robot for Human Safety 14-12-2018 Co Author OTHERS
3 ICAARS 2018 Evolution of robotic surgery and the need for robotic endotrainer 14-12-2018 Co Author OTHERS
4 ICAARS 2018 Development of PLC based Control System for Automatic MIG Welding Machine 14-12-2018 Co Author OTHERS
5 Intelligent Transport System and Vehicle Technology Software Model, Kernel Development for AUTOSAR OS in Automotive Software 23-03-2017 Co Author Karpagam College of Engineering, Coimbatore
6 Researches in Science, Management and Engineering (ICRSME 2016) NoveNovelty Testing Measures And Defect Management In Automotive Software Developmenty Testing Measures And Defect Management In Automotive Software Development 18-02-2016 Co Author International Organization of Scientific Research and Development (IOSRD), Chennai
7 8th International Telemedicine Conference – Telemedicon 12 Implementation of Telemedicine In Defence Application Using Teleintimation Garment 29-12-2012 Co Author Telemedicine Society of India at Hotel LeMeridian, Chennai
8 NBC Body Protective Clothing for Defense Applications - A Review International Conference on Industrial Textiles - InduTech 2012 08-03-2012 Co Author Department of Textile Technology, Chennai
9 4th RMUTP International Conference: Textiles and F ashion Bangkok, Thailand Teleintimation Garment: A Wearable Electronic Garment for Soldiers Status 07-03-2012 Co Author Rajamangala University of Technology....., Chennai
10 International Conference on Electrical Power and Energy Systems A Novel Cost Effective Single Phase SAF for Non Linear Loads 26-08-2010 Co Author National Institute of Technology, Bhopal
11 Proceedings of ADCOM99 Baseline Equivalence of Self-Routing Permutation Networks in Advances in Computing and Communications 01-06-1999 Co Author PSG CT, Chennai

Seminars/Workshop/Conferences Organised

S.No. Sponsoring Agency Title of the Event From To No. of Audience
1 PSG Tech National Level Workshop on “Rudiments of BLDC & Reluctance Motor Design” 22-11-2019 23-11-2019 25
2 PSG CNCE PLC Programming 04-02-2017 26-02-2017 30
3 PSG 2 nd International Conference on Advances in Functional Smart & Innovative Textiles 01-02-2017 02-02-2017 50
4 CNC Programming and Maintenance 14-12-2016 15-01-2017 60
5 CNC Programming & Maintenance 06-10-2016 21-11-2016 60
6 PSG CNCE CNC Programming and Maintenance 16-09-2016 30-10-2016 60
7 PSG CNCE, Dept. of RAE CNC Programming on Heidenhein controller 22-07-2016 23-07-2016 60
8 PSG Tech National Level Workshop on “Innovations In Cable Technology” 05-06-2015 05-06-2015 30
9 KG College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore National Conference on “Innovative Trends in Information Technology” 07-02-2015
10 psg college of technology CNC Programming on Heidenhain controller 27-01-2015 29-01-2015 25
11 NSS College,Palakkad National Seminar on “Emerging Trends in Instrumentation and Control”,Robotics and Automation, th 05-12-2014
12 TEQIP II, PSG CT CNC Programming & Operations 29-11-2014 30-11-2014 15
13 Dr.N.G.P.Institute of Technology, Coimbatore Career Day Opportunities in Robotics and Automation 05-07-2014
14 TEQIP II CNC Programming & Maintenance 13-11-2013 19-02-2013
15 TEQIP II CNC Programming & Maintenance 19-09-2013 29-10-2013
16 TEQIP II CNC Programming & Maintenance 10-06-2013 13-07-2013
17 Dept. Computer Applications,PSG Tech Intelligent Systems 22-04-2013
18 Sree Narayana Gurukala,Cochin Automation System 20-04-2013
19 Sasurie College of Engineering, Coimbatore Robotics 02-03-2013
20 DRDO Android for Robotics 29-06-2012 30-06-2012 50
21 Lapp Cables, DAE “International Conference on Enhancements in Power Electronics and Controls: ICEPEC – 2011” 24-11-2011 25-11-2011 50
22 Govt. & Private Sectors International Conference on Enhancements in Power Electronics and Controls: ICEPEC – 2011 24-11-2011 25-11-2011 50
23 oth International conference on Enhancements in Power Electronics and its Control 58

Awards and Achievements

S.No. Title of the Award Awarded By Date of Achievement
1 Distinguished Educator Award NFED, Coimbatore 05/06/2015

Doctoral Guidance / Supervision : Completed

S.No. Name of the Candidate Title of the Thesis Date of Completion
1 Dr.Bindu B, RAE
Harmonic Analysis and Experimental Investigations of Optimum Cutting Parameters for CNC Turning Centres 29-11-2019
2 Dr.Anand M, EEE
3 Dr.Chelladurai J, EEE
4 Dr.P.Sivakumar
Investigation on Model Based Design and Testing Approach for Automotive Software Development 12-01-2018
5 R.Sathyanarayan krishna
Data Analytics 01-11-2017
6 Dr.Aji Joy
Design and Development of an Open CNC Controller based on Linux Operating System 01-10-2017
7 Dr.K.S.Sujatha
Investigations on a few image classification methods & techniques for improving classification performance 03-09-2013

Doctoral Guidance / Supervision : In Progress

S.No. Name of the Candidate Area of Research
1 Ms.A.Sivaranjani Mobile Robot Navigation
2 Ms. Bindu B CNC Control System
3 Mr.M.Vasanthakumar Personal Robotics

Sponsored Research Projects

S.No. Title of the Project Sponsoring Agency Role
1 Automated Welding Systems for specific Industrial applications DHI,New Delhi Principal Investigator
2 Design and Development of a Humanoid AVON Corporation Principal Investigator
3 Design & Development of an Open CNC Controller Based on Linux DST Principal Investigator
4 Vision-based precision entry into buildings and landing on elevated surface ARDB,DRDO,Hydrabad Principal Investigator
5 High-squint mode SAR data simulation and algorithm for image formation RCI, Hydrabad Principal Investigator
6 Design and Development of an open CNC Controller based on LINUX DST,SERB,New Delhi Principal Investigator
7 Underwater Robot for tunnel cleaning BHAVINI,Kalpakkam Principal Investigator
8 Design and Development of a Humanoid Robot Avon Corporation Ltd.,Mumbai Principal Investigator
9 Compensation of Steady State Thermal Deformation of Machining Centre Under a Specified Load Cycle Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi Co Investigator
10 Design & Development of Robotic Endotrainer DST-GITA Principal Investigator
11 Design and Fabrication of Indigenous Powder Fed Metal Additive Manufacturing Machine DST Principal Investigator