Personal Profile

Dr.Nadarajan R

Academic Title: Professor
Dept. of Applied Mathematics & Computational Sciences,
PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India.
Date of Joining: 20/05/1982
Educational Qualification(s): B.Sc ( Mathematics ) - Madurai Kamaraj University - 1973
MSc - Annamalai University - 1975
Ph.D ( Mathematics ) - Annamalai University - 05/05/1982

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In Brief

Dr.R.Nadarajan is the Head of the Department of Applied Mathematics and Computational Sciences. He has 35 years of teaching experience and he has guided more than 26 P.hDs and currently he is supervising more than 4 research scholars in the fields of Computer Science and also he guided over 14 M.Phil in Computer Science and more than 400 MCA and M.Sc (SE) Projects. He is the architect of the Five year integrated M.Sc (Software Engineering),Five year integrated M.Sc (Theoretical Computer Science) course and Five year integrated M.Sc (Data Science). He is member of ACM, ISTE, Computer Society of India and OR Society of India. He has visited USA, UK and France on academic grounds. Currently he is the Divisional Chair Person, Computer Society of India.

Subject Expertise

Object Oriented Programming
Object Oriented Analysis and Design
Stochastic Process

Research Area

Data Mining
Queuing Theory
Software Architecture
E Learning
Stochastic Models

Professional Experience:


Lecturer, PSG COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY, Coimbatore, during ( 30/06/1982 - 20/06/1985 )
Assistant Professor, PSG COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY, Coimbatore, during ( 21/06/1985 - 05/07/1992 )
Professor, PSG COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY, Coimbatore, during ( 06/07/1992 - 31/05/1997 )
Professor and Head, PSG COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY, Coimbatore, during ( 01/06/1997 - Till Date )
Professor and Head, PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore, during ( 01/06/2012 - Till Date )

International & National Journals

S.No. Journal Paper Title Year Role Volume
1 JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR STRUCTURE Eigenvector centrality based algorithm for finding a maximal common connected vertex induced molecular substructure of two chemical graphs 2021 Co Author 1244
2 EXPERT SYSTEMS WITH APPLICATIONS An online isotonic separation with cascade architecture for binary classification 2020 Co Author 157
3 JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION Hierarchical optimization of green routing for mobile advertisement vehicle 2020 Co Author 258
4 Green Vehicle Routing Problem with Queues 2019 Co Author 138
5 PHYSICA A-STATISTICAL MECHANICS AND ITS APPLICATIONS Analysing exposure diversity in collaborative recommender systems—Entropy fusion approach 2019 Co Author 533
6 KNOWLEDGE AND INFORMATION SYSTEMS A hybrid isotonic separation training algorithm with correlation-based isotonic feature selection for binary classification 2019 Co Author 59
7 Impact of Negative Correlations in Characterizing Cognitive Load States Using EEG Based Functional Brain Networks 2018 Co Author 0
8 Expert Systems with applications A Fuel Efficient Green Vehicle Routing Problem with varying speed constraint (F-GVRP) 2018 Co Author 100
9 MATCH - Communications in Mathematical and in Computer Chemistry Centrality Measures based Algorithm for Computing a Maximal Common Connected Edge Subgraph of Two Chemical Graphs 2017 Co Author 77
10 WIRELESS PERSONAL COMMUNICATIONS WARM Based Data Pre-fetching and Cache Replacement Strategies for Location Dependent Information System in Wireless Environment 2016 Co Author 90
11 Knowledge and Information Systems Centrality measures-based algorithm to visualize a maximal common induced subgraph in large communication networks 2016 Co Author 46
12 Knowledge and Information Systems Vertex cover-based binary tree algorithm to detect all maximum common induced subgraphs in large communication networks 2016 Co Author 48
13 Rairo - Opeations Research Vehicle Routing Problem with Limited Refueling Halts with Particle Swarm Optimization using Greedy Mutation Operator 2015 Co Author 49
14 Knowledge and information systems Evolutionary Isotonic separation for classification : theory and experiments 2013 Co Author 37
15 WSEAS Transactions on Information Science and Applications Isotonic separation with an instance selection algorithm using softest: theory and experiments 2012 Co Author 9

International & National Conferences

S.No. Conference Title Paper Title Date Role Organized By
1 Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing Impact of Shuffler Design Pattern on Software Quality 03-05-2019 Co Author OTHERS
2 Proceedings of International Conference on Mining Intelligence and Knowledge Exploration,Springer User Similarity Adjustment for Improving Accuracy and Diversity in Recommendations 20-12-2015 Main Author
3 Proceedings of International Conference on Mining Intelligence and Knowledge Exploration,Springer User Similarity Adjustment for Improving Accuracy and Diversity in Recommendations 20-12-2015 Co Author
4 Proceedings of International Conference on Multimedia Communications, Services and Security, Springer, CCIS 566 Ranking Based Approach for Noise Handling in Recommender Systems 05-02-2015 Main Author
5 Proceedings of International Conference on Multimedia Communications, Services and Security, Springer, CCIS 566 Ranking Based Approach for Noise Handling in Recommender Systems 05-02-2015 Co Author
6 Mathematical and Computational Models, 2011 Soft Sets based approach for Efficient Instance Selection in Pattern Recognition 22-12-2011 Co Author


S.No. Title Author Nature Date
1 Graph Based Isotonic Separation as aHealthcare Model Using Statistical Feature Selection
Dr.Malar B
Dr.Nadarajan R
Chapter 20-11-2020

Special Lectures Delivered

S.No. Event Topic Organizer From To
1 International Conference Applied Probability and Stochastic Processes CMS College, Kottayam, Kerala 07/01/2019 10/01/2019

Programmes Organised

S.No. Title of the Programme From To Sponsoring Agency No. of Audience
1 5th International Conference on Computational intelligence, Cyber Security, Computational Models 16-12-2021 18-12-2021 - 300
2 Pre-Conference Workshop Cyber Physical Systems 13-12-2021 14-12-2021 - 300
3 Internation Conference on Computational Intelligence, Cyber Security & Computational Models (ICC3) 19-12-2019 21-12-2019 - 40

Programmes Attended

S.No. Title of the Programme From To Organized by Sponsoring Agency
1 Academic Research Summit 2019 is focused on the theme of Data Science and AI 24/01/2019 25/01/2019 Microsoft Research ACM and Robert Bosch Centre , India

Awards and Achievements

S.No. Title of the Award Awarded By Date of Achievement
1 Fellow ship awarded Computer Society of India, Coimbatore 23/01/2017

Doctoral Guidance / Supervision : Completed

S.No. Name of the Candidate Title of the Thesis Date of Completion
1 Dr.Priyalakshmi G
Empirical Evaluation of Non-Functional Properties of Software Ecosystems 19-11-2019
2 Dr.Poonthalir G
Meta Heuristic Approaches for Solving Variants of Vehicle Routing Problem with Midway Halts 12-04-2019
3 Dr.Thilaga M
Computational Techniques for Functional Brain Network Analysis 21-01-2019
4 Dr.Nirmala P
Design and analysis of algorithms to invent similarity patterns in large graph databases. 27-06-2018
5 R.Latha
Collaborative Recommender Systems with User Preference Mining Approaches 20-07-2017
6 B.Malar
Heuristic And Model Based Approaches For Binary Classification Using Isotonic Separation 07-12-2015
7 N.Rajamanickam
Certain Investigations on Computer Security Policies and Security Protocols 14-09-2015
8 N.Ilayaraja
Data Caching and Prefetching Strategies for Location Dependent Information Access in Mobile Environments 02-02-2015
9 N.Geetha
Study and Analysis of Emerging Soft Computing Approaches to Intelligent Systems in Pattern Recognition 22-08-2014
10 RM.Periakaruppan
XML Document Structural Similarity Algorithms and its Applications 17-04-2014
11 S.Suganthi
Adaptable Middleware Model for Dynamic Changes in the Requirements 11-03-2014
12 V.Geetha
Investigations on Context - Aware Adaptive E - Assessment and their Performance Evaluation using Machine Learning 03-02-2014
13 M.Thilagu
Investigations on Users’ Navigation Behaviour Using Efficient Web Usage Mining Techniques Based on Multiple Pattern Mining Models 03-01-2014
14 R.Vijayalakshmi
Efficient Algorithms and Data Structures for Storage and Mining in Large Graph Databases 29-10-2013
15 G.Uma Vetri Selvi
A Study on Medical Image Compression Techniques 18-10-2013
16 F.Mary Magdalene Jane
Investigations on Client –Side Data Caching Policies for Location Dependent Data in Mobile Environments 09-08-2010
17 B.Sridevi
Study of Similarity Measure of Fuzzy Numbers, Aggregation Operators in Fuzzy Systems and Decision Making 12-10-2009
18 B.Kalpana
Efficient Strategies for Mining Frequent Itemsets and the Incremental Mining of Closed Frequent Itemsets Based on a Lattice Framework 18-02-2009
19 A.Muthukumar
Efficient Association Rule Mining Algorithms on Transactional Databases 16-02-2009
20 I.Elzabeth Shanthi
Information Retrieval on Object Oriented Databases 04-06-2008
21 L.Robert
Random access and Preprocessing Algorithms for Text Data Compression 22-03-2008
22 Yaser Nouh
BiTutor – Bayesian Intelligent Tutoring System 02-02-2008
23 R.Manavalan
Certain Investigations on the Impact of Model Driven Architecture on Persistence Service Design 08-03-2007
24 S.Palaniammal
A Study on Markovian Queueing Models with Bulk Service and Vacation 06-10-2006
25 B.Suresh
Object Oriented Parallel Programming Model on a Network of Workstations 05-08-2005
26 M.I.Afthab Begum
Queueing Models with Bulk Service and Vacation 06-06-1997
27 M.R.Sitrarasu
Some Markovian Queueing Models with general Bulk Service 10-06-1994
28 Mr.D.Audsin Mohana Dhas
Markovian General Bulk Service Queueing Models 01-01-1990
29 D.Jayaraman
Queueing Models with Server's Vacation and General Bulk Service 01-01-1990
30 D.Gunaseelan
Fast Algorithms For Mining Generalized Association Rules And Sequential Patterns In Massive Databases 01-01-1990

Sponsored Research Projects

S.No. Title of the Project Sponsoring Agency Role
1 Technology Innovation Hub (National Mission - ICPS) DST Co Investigator
2 Cognitive Modelling and Analysis University of South Australia (UNISA) Co Investigator