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Software Systems

Theoretical Computer Science

Data Science

Cyber Security

About the Department

The Department of Applied Mathematics and Computational Sciences comprises of dedicated faculty members who are undoubtedly the assets worthy of mention. The Department is known for its discipline and for the importance it gives to the overall development of students in grooming them towards becoming good software professionals, research scientists and data analysts. The Department has its own library with the latest books, national and international journals and magazines. The computer centre is well equipped with the most recent hardware and software. To keep in touch with the ever-growing technology, the faculty members participate regularly in refresher courses and symposia conducted by top-notch Universities, Research Institutions and Professional Bodies like Association for Computing Machinery. The department organizes technical symposia at national and international levels at regular intervals. Apart from stressing consistent and good academic performance, the department encourages participation in co-curricular and extracurricular activities to bring out the latent talents in its students. The students are provided with ample opportunities to improve their organizational skills and group dynamics.

About the Programmes

M.Sc. Software Engineering programme was started in the year 1997 for the first time in the country and well received by leading software industries across the globe. The programme has been designed to meet the challenging needs of the industry, by ensuring a good understanding of the software design process and to develop resilient applications using state-of-the art technologies. The programme has been renamed as Software Systems since 2014.

M.Sc. Theoretical Computer Science is yet another innovative programme introduced in 2007. Any industry grows only if it has a strong R&D division. In order that Research be fruitful, the R&D Team should have persons with strong theoretical background. “It is the theory that describes what can be observed”, said Albert Einstein. M.Sc Theoretical Computer Science has been designed to augment human resources for the R&D divisions of software industries.

In the new era of Big Data, M.Sc Data Science was introduced during 2015 to solve the exponential growth and curse of dimensionality in giant databases accumulated by the industries. Companies are earnestly seeking data scientists to deal with the challenges of Big Data.

As the drive towards digital transformation continues to ceaselessly gather momentum, they also significantly raise cyber security risks and threat levels. Business is evolving itself at the pace of algorithmic speeds and digital risks are constantly challenging even the most financially robust companies. With the huge skills gap of cyber security workforce globally, there is an urgent need to modernize Cyber security education to include vital skills. The five year integrated M.Sc. Cyber Security programme, the first of its kind in India aims to prepare students with the technical knowledge and skills needed to protect and defend computer systems and networks. The programme has a strong and wide technical base and internship programs which are the most critical aspects to a good cyber security education.

All the above programmes have two semesters (7th and 10th) rigorous internships in reputed industries and top-notch institutions, a unique feature for the success of the programmes.


An excellent academic record in Higher Secondary examination of the (10+2) curriculum prescribed by the appropriate authority of the Government of Tamil Nadu or any other exam recognised as equivalent with Mathematics and Physics as two of the subjects of study.

Shortlisted candidates with an excellent academic record in Higher Secondary examination (based on Math and Physics HSC marks) will be called for online video call counselling to identify the spark and the commitment of the applicant to study 5 year integrated Masters programme (M.Sc SS/TCS/DS/CS) at PSG College of Technology.

The schedule of the counselling will be intimated through the applicant's registered email.

A call for counselling does not however confer any right of admission.

How to Apply

Application can be made only online by entering all the particulars including marks along with on-line payment through the Net banking/Credit card/Debit card. One application is sufficient for all the four programmes (SS/TCS/DS/CS) and preference of courses can be selected. All dates are subject to change based of HSC examination results.



Sirisha S
Software Engineer, PayPal, Bangalore
M.Sc SS (2016-21)

PSG Tech was a great experience for me. The college provides a solid educational structure, alongside diversified sports opportunities and extra curriculum. Various clubs and cultural events made college life even more engaging. MSc Software Systems is a well structured course, aimed to qualify a software student with the right technical knowledge required for the IT domain. The college has a solid placement department, giving the students the right edge to walk into a professional career. The college has a very dense alumni network, which by itself is a great perk for seeking professional help. .

Gobikrishnan S
Associate software engineer, KLA+, Chennai
M.Sc SS (2016-21)

I had a great experience with PSG Tech. M.Sc Software Systems is one of the best courses PSG has to offer. The course curriculum is diverse and provides an opportunity to learn a wide range of concepts and technologies. Thanks to the faculty members, who were always there to guide us every step of the way.

Pavitdhra SDK
Software Engineer I,Software AG, Bangalore
M.Sc SS (2016-21)

I had a great experience at PSG. It gave me opportunities to meet different kinds of people and learn many new things. I am thankful to all the faculties who were ready to help anytime. They played a major role in making the course successful. I will always be grateful to them for providing me a platform of practical learning and preparing me for the corporate life.

Dr. Praveen Shankar
Data Science Manager at Facebook, USA
MSc Software Engineering (1998-2003)

The M.Sc. Software Engineering programme at PSG Tech went a long way in helping me strengthen my basics in all areas of Computer Science and Software Engineering. It was unique in the sense that it simultaneously laid emphasis on the core courses like Theoretical Computer Science and Mathematics as well as a plethora of electives. Such a format helps one become strong in the fundamentals as well as develop areas of interest in topics of one's interest. Hence I feel it is the best programme if one wishes to pursue higher (doctoral) studies in the field of Computer Science.

Joyfred Jesuraja A
Engineering Analyst, Goldman Sachs, Bangalore.
M.Sc DS (2016 - 21)

MSc Data Science is a well-structured programme with a comprehensive curriculum, periodically revised to meet contemporary industry requirements. Two 6 month internships is the cornerstone of the programme, enabling students to have industry/research experience in their academic tenure. Accompanied with supportive faculty members, strong alumni network, excellent cohorts & abundant opportunities makes it unique and outstanding. Choosing Data Science turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made, as it was a treasure of opportunities.

Nehal M
Analyst, Caterpillar, Bangalore
M.Sc DS (2016 - 21)

M.Sc. Data Science (Integrated) at PSG Tech was one of the first of its kind in India to identify the trend in Data Science and devise a curriculum to equip students with the desired skill set for the same. It stands out from the plethora of similar other courses through its hands-on projects, deep root industry connection, and alumni network. Apart from making placements in dream companies a cakewalk, the faculties also motivate students to explore the research aspect of the field. Overall, this is the place to be for any data science enthusiast.

Data Engineer, CISCO, Chennai
M.Sc DS (2016 - 21)

M.Sc(Data Science) programme is a perfect mix of mathematical and programming concepts. Especially, the statistics courses were tailored into the syllabus to make the students industry ready. The two internships were testing arenas where we could transform the theoretical knowledge to gain practical experience. Thinking back, I am proud of the decision that I had chosen this course at the right time.

Sarath Jyotsna R
Data Engineer, PayPal, Chennai
M.Sc DS (2016 - 21)

The opportunities for data science were just blooming and the word started making rounds when I joined MSc. Data Science. For someone who wanted to get into the field of engineering, this programme provided a larger exposure, and better opportunity to step into the world in terms of career building, apart from removing you from the rat race of the conventional engineering degree paths. A well-defined course structure with constant upgradation to keep up with the industrial requirements, a very like-minded, handpicked peer group and the two internship opportunities in well-known organizations provides a deep learning curve and the ability to face the real world in a much better way be it in academia or in the industries. The strong alumni network is another reason for the success of the course who provide us with insights on how the industry works on the go. I am glad to have been a part of this programme, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Srinivasa Balaji
Data Engineer, PayPal, Chennai
M.Sc DS (2016 - 21)

MSc Data Science programme has motivated and nurtured me to pursue my interests outside the conventional setup. It has given me confidence to make bold career decisions. The peer group is a mix of varied and multi-talented personalities who will push the individual's limits. An array of ever approachable, talented faculties with contacts all over the world increases the scope of work. The culture in the department is so energetic that undoubtedly shaped my personality.

Shubhasri A. G
Software Development Engineer, Adobe, Bangalore

The MSc Theoretical Computer Science is a unique course, perfectly crafted to transition the student to an adept researcher or industry professional. The course lays a strong mathematical foundation and focuses on solid Computer Science concepts. Thanks to the two 6-month internships where students get real-world job experience in top-tier companies or carry out extensive research in world-class academic institutions. I would highly recommend this course for the curious minds who are ready to get immersed in CS both theoretically and practically!

Pradeep Kumar S
System Software Engineer, Nvidia Corporation, Bangalore
M.Sc TCS (2015 - 20)

The Integrated Masters course is a great place to start a career in computer science and mathematics. The Department (AMCS) creates an environment where the student feels motivated and encourages them to explore beyond what is taught in the class. One of the best things about the program is the mandatory internships which provide the student with experience before taking on full-time work. I was fortunate to be surrounded by positive, hardworking and supportive people pushing me to my best.

Dr. Sridhar Venkatesan
Research Scientist, Perspecta Labs, USA
M.Sc. TCS (2007 – 2012)

One of the first things you notice is that the department is filled with dedicated and enthusiastic faculty who are willing to go above and beyond in assisting students with their curriculum and general welfare. The head of the department is an inspiration to all students and does a great job of motivating the students and faculty to work towards a greater vision. Being in the first batch of Theoretical Computer Science, the department provided enormous encouragement and support while navigating the uncertainties during our 5 years. The department continues to produce world-class professionals and in hindsight, I am very fortunate to have received my education here. The department also has a strong research programme. I have had the fortune of working with many cyber security researchers in the department and their guidance during my initial days have molded me to be a researcher in cyber security. The department is growing in strength and is transforming to be a premier center for research in cyber security.

Mani Bharathi V
Member of Technical Staff, at 24[7].ai, Bangalore
M.Sc TCS (2016 - 21)

The best thing about M.Sc. TCS is that it offers students the flexibility to pursue research or a career in Software Development or Data Science. I pursued research during my 2nd year summer intern, then worked as an Embedded Development Intern during my 7th semester intern and worked as a Data Science intern during my 10th semester intern and currently working as a full-stack software developer. The knowledge and exposure gained through lab projects and internships in multiple domains has definitely provided an edge during campus placements. The quality of teaching and learning resources are unmatchable. Knowledge sharing discussions among students and, with seniors and alumni enhances the understanding and exposure further. Honestly, I'm just lucky to have joined this course.

Venkkatachalam B
Software Engineer, Microsoft, Hyderabad
M.Sc TCS (2015 - 20)

The courses in TCS have been structured beautifully to instill & incorporate the interests of students in both research & software development fields, equally. The exposure and platform provided by the programme to improve my management skills, public speaking and knowledge, stands unmatched. Every semester mandates the students to have hands-on experience in building mini projects that can be extended into a full fledged product of its own, with the guidance and support of our knowledgeable faculty. The faculties are specialized in various fields of research and the students can work along-with them to publish research articles with renowned publishers. Overall, my journey was wonderful at PSG and hope you all get to experience the same!.

Data Engineer,, Bangalore
M.Sc TCS (2014 - 19)

The five year integrated M.Sc Theoretical Computer Science program has a rich curriculum with a deep dive into its various courses. The courses are uniquely designed and industry centric which make us well equipped for our professional career. The research oriented syllabus and guidance from faculties help us in seamlessly exploring the R&D industry.The kind of exposure that I got from this program was immense and exceptional.This course has provided me with a wonderful platform to shape up a successful career in the industry.

Anantharaman S
M.Sc CS (2020 - present)

I enrolled myself for the MSc cyber security hoping to learn the nuances of the field, the journey with the department has created a huge change in my life. The first in class facilities, visionary professors and intelligent peer group etc are the key add on of the department. The curriculum is structured in such a way to provide the students with the knowledge required for the industry and practical experience. At the end of each semester students are requested to submit a mini project (package) to get a deep understanding and applications of the concepts learned.

Nithyashri M
M.Sc CS (2020 - present)

As a student in AMCS department pursuing MSc Cyber Security, I’m enhancing my skillset and developing a practical approach to solving problems. Precisely, the confidence level has been boosted and has taught me to handle the pressure. Unlike other departments, we have project works for each semester (lab courses) through which we are able to showcase our creativity and it also helps in team-building and makes us a better team player. We also have group presentation for every subject and I believe that’s really important as it inculcates good oratory skills in the corporate world. I’m really excited for my upcoming semester.